Whether you’re working at a desk or honing your skills in esports, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a good chair. While many chairs look similar, the difference can be startling in terms of the comfort and support that come from proper ergonomics.

Good ergonomics ensures that design and engineering match anatomy and physiology. In a chair, that begins with good support in all the crucial areas.

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noblechairs’ HERO range have lumbar supports built into the backrests

noblechairs’ HERO range have lumbar supports built into the backrests, while the EPIC and ICON come with bundled lumbar pillows. All the seats are generous, with large surface areas and substantial armrests. More importantly, these elements are in proportion to each other to complement the overall experience.

Of course, we are all different shapes and sizes. Therefore it’s crucial to be able to adjust the different parts of the chair to ensure a good fit. noblechairs’ HERO offers an adjustable lumbar support via a side-mounted rotary dial. You can adjust the height, tilt and angle of both the seat and the backrest on all models.

Taking some time to experiment with different combinations of these settings will ensure that you get the most from the chair. Here, you need to take into consideration the height of your desk and computer, as well as whether your feet are on the ground. Don’t be afraid to add a footrest (noblechairs options available) if that means you can hit the perfect sitting height for your gaming rig or workstation.

The HERO Chair is a particularly good option for longer gaming sessions. While you work hard playing, it is busy working to ensure that you maintain the natural curvature of your spine with its ergonomic backrest. The memory foam also ensures that the correct position of your head and back is comfortably supported, and remains so over a long period of time, while the material in the HERO Black Edition is highly breathable Hybrid PU Leather, which keeps you cool when you’re sat down for extended periods of time.

Overall build quality is excellent. Once put together the chair feels solid and robust. There is none of the wobble or looseness that other chairs can sometimes have. This is a high-end experience from start to finish – and on a technical point, the chairs have ergonomic certification within the US (BIFMA) and Europe (DIN EN 1335).

Promotion: Improve Your Home Work Set-Up With noblechairs | Men's Fitness UK

Foot rests are also available at noblechairs.co.uk

“Having used the chair for a few weeks I have to say I’m impressed,” says gaming journalist Andy Robertson. “The level of comfort and support is as I expected, but I hadn’t realised how that would help long sessions at the desk. I thought my previous chair was pretty good, but many old aches and pains now seem to have vanished.”

The chair is topped off with some clever touches that show how much thought and design has gone into the product. The multifunctional tilting mechanism stands out here, offering not only additional comfort, but a good level of customisation.

noblechairs combination of ergonomic design, premium materials and high-quality engineering ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment while you work or play.