Wet shaving is a minefield of potential cuts, rashes and missed patches. It also takes time – time that the modern man can ill afford to waste. Little wonder, then, that in the UK alone the proportion of men sporting facial hair rose to 42% (according to the last YouGov survey on the topic).

Family, fitness, work and general life stuff mean time is of the essence.

However, if you’re one of the many men embracing the hairy-face look, bear in mind that shaping the perfect beard requires more than simply letting nature take its course.

Whether you want to look the part in the gym, or turn heads on a night out, fine-tuning your facial hair takes a smart approach and the right tools for the job.

Here are five quick tips for taking your trim to the next level, by creating a professional finish.

1. Don’t rush in

To get an even look, start long and take it slow. Rather than going all in with your beard trimmer set at the desired length from the get-go, choose a longer setting first and trim by degrees. That way, any mistakes can be dealt with as you go.

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2. Put your neck on the line

A beard always looks better with a defined neckline. Achieve yours with this (literal) rule of thumb: place your thumb on your Adam’s apple and trim any hair below it, then work out from the middle to trim the sides. How sharp you go with finishing off the edges is up to you.

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3. Lower your expectations

When cleaning up your neckline, do one side first, then trim the other side a bit lower. Just like when you trim your beard proper, this leaves you a margin of error to compare one side with its opposite number and ensure that both sides end up equal.

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4. Give it some cheek

How you trim your cheekline can have a dramatic effect on your overall look: keep it natural for a more relaxed appearance, or create angles with sharp lines. In general, rounder faces do best with more definition, and more angular faces benefit from a little softening round the edges.

5. Pay lip service

Don’t forget the ‘tache: given that it’s right there in the middle of your face, what you do with the hair above your lip is sure to command attention. And don’t forget a clean line right above the upper lip for a neat finish between moustache and mouth.

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