Strategic padding and incredible softness give these Balega Support Quarter Runnings Socks real long-distance run potential…

Balega Support Quarter Running Socks

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  • Super-soft fleecy feel
  • Padded protection from ankle clipping


  • Can hold moisture
  • Colours are a bit dull

Comfort: 5/5
Breathability: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

They might not be as important as picking the best running shorts or shoes, but choosing the right socks for running can make a real difference. The Balega Support Quarter Running Socks are designed with a cradling, hugging fit that offers some additional arch support. If you want snug security for long hauling on the road, they’re a good option. If you are tackling ultra distance runs there’s a couple of clever design tricks that cater for that too.    

Balega Support Quarter Running Socks performance

Before I get into that, let’s start with the comfort. This is another running sock that offers incredible softness right from the start. The blend of Mohair fibre and Drynamix yarn is really inviting with a pleasant padded and fleecy woolen feel. You get the softness here without any of that scratchiness.  

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The seamless toes and heels feature extra padding that works well to dull some of the impact of the road. The medium cushioned footbed is thick and padded underneath with a slightly leaner fabric across the top of the midfoot. Silicone grip pads under the heels and toes also help limit any movement in your shoe. 

Product shot of Balega running sock

The Balega Support Quarter Running Socks have cushioned ankle pads that protect against ankle clipping. That’s when your form goes ragged and you scrape one ankle with the opposite shoe. It’s a real problem if you’re running long distances such as ultras. I’ve often spent hours gouging small, painful chunks out of my ankles. Well not any more. 

The lower cut legs feature substantial cuffs that prevent them sliding down. They hold well but are soft and flexible enough to avoid cutting in too. 

Sweat wicking was pretty good thanks to the strategically placed reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels. However, I found the thicker pads held some moisture. They’d dry fast after runs, though, and I found they remained relatively stink-free. If you had to, you could use them again without washing. That boosts their ultra run credentials, particularly for multi-day adventures. 

The Balega socks feature an anatomical design, can be washed and tumble dried on a low heat and come in three relatively muted colours and four sizes. 

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