Inflating it may be an exercise in itself, but the Body Power Exercise Ball can handle static, dynamic and weights workouts alike…

A quality piece of home gym equipment, and one of the best exercise balls, it’s a nice surprise to find a foot pump included with the Body Power Exercise Ball. It’s a good thing too because you’re going to need it. Even with the extra power of a foot pump compared to a hand pump, it takes a good 10 minutes to fully inflate this 65cm exercise ball.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Body Power’s ball is strong and grippy and another good choice for use with weights. It’s a good job a pump is included, as you’re going to need it.
  • Can cope with up to 300kg
  • 12-month warranty
  • Hard to get rid of creases
  • Hard work to inflate

How we test the best exercise balls

Our testers used each exercise ball as part of their day-to-day fitness routine for at least a month. They tested them during bodyweight workouts, resistance weight training and mobility work and judged them on their firmness, durability and comfort – taking price, maximum load, ease of inflation and colour/size options and accessories into account when awarding a final score.

Even when inflated to its full capacity, though, embedded crease lines remain in the material, giving the illusion that it isn’t full.    

Its material is thick and robust and carries an ‘anti-burst’ promise with weights up to 660lb (300kg). That’s more than enough for any weights-based exercises you can think of performing with a gym ball.

Body Power Exercise Ball features

The surface of the Body Power Exercise Ball feels tacky, which helps you keep a good grip even with sweaty hands. It’s sturdy enough to feel like it won’t slip from underneath you either. Anti-slip rings inspire further confidence that this ball won’t budge beneath you and an impressive firmness lets you carry out a wide range of exercises with support and comfort.  

The Body Power Exercise Ball provides a secure and stable base, making it a cheap, effective and space-saving bench replacement for chest presses, flyes and the like. Yet despite its sticky surface it rolls smoothly when required too, so works well with dynamic movements like roll-outs. Unusually for an exercise ball, it even has a 12-month warranty for extra peace of mind.

Sizes:65cm / 25.6in
Pump included:Yes
Weight limit:300kg / 660lb

Words: Lucy Miller