Canterbury’s ThermoReg compression top is well insulated for outdoor training but offer little in the way of compression…

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Canterbury ThermoReg Long Sleeve Top


£39 /


  • Great instant warmth
  • Good durability


  • Low level compression
  • Slow drying

Comfort: 4/5
Compression: 3/5
Sweat-wicking: 3/5

The Canterbury ThermoReg long sleeve top is more of a classic baselayer than a high-compression top. But if you’re looking for a top that combines light-touch muscle support with excellent insulation, this is worth a look. 

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Designed primarily with rugby in mind, the looser fit is more forgiving than other more revealing base layers. If you’re a little self conscious about your wobbly bits and want to work out in a single layer that puts less on show, this is a good option. 

The thermal fabric is thicker and more textured than the shinier, smoother base layer materials you’ll find on the likes of 2XU and Skins compression gear. It feels a little softer and instantly warmer against the skin too.

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It’s still thin enough to be worn under a second layer or jacket and, like the matching Canterbury ThermoReg tights, this is best suited to bringing warmth to winter team sports, runs, rides and colder workouts. However, for efforts over an hour the thicker fabric poses a little more nipple chafing threat than some smoother layers. 

The sleeves and waistband feature lightly elasticated cuffs. It’s not to hold them firmly in place, though, and there’s no watch window either. We also found the ThermoReg held sweat and moisture a shade more than some of the lighter fabrics such as the Under Armour ISO-Chill compression top. 

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It comes in eight sizes (from XS to 4XL) and five colours (red, blue, black, white and navy blue) so there are plenty of options for pairing it with your matchday kit and you can machine wash it at 30 degrees, too.