Canterbury’s ThermoReg compression tights are well insulated for outdoor training but offer little in the way of compression…

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Canterbury ThermoReg Compression Tights


£39 /  

Comfort: 5/5
Compression: 2.5/5
Sweat-wicking: 3/5


  • Instant warmth 
  • Easy on and off 


  • Very light compression 
  • Slow drying 

Designed to withstand the rigors of cold, hard rugby training sessions, Cantebury’s ThermoReg leggings have a much softer, textured fabric feel that sets them apart from the classic shiny compression leggings. That makes them incredibly warm and comfortable from the moment you slip them on.

But what you gain in softness, you lose in compression, which is the lightest on test – barely more than a regular pair of tights. 

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By far the easiest to get on and off, they feature an elasticated waistband that doesn’t dig in or rub and stays put. Unfortunately the lightly elasticated ankle cuffs mean the legs can ride up, particularly if you layer them under a pair of sweatpants and you’re getting stuck into lunges, box jumps and anything that involves bigger lower leg moves.  

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Inside, the performance gusset seams are raised and look like a friction risk. But in practice they’re actually soft enough to avoid chafing – on short workouts, at least.  

When it came to sweat wicking, we found the heavier fabric wasn’t quite as good as the likes of 2XU at staying dry and not as fast to dry out post-workout either. However, the fabric has an antibacterial finish that wards off sweaty odours, meaning you can use the Canterbury ThermoReg multiple times between washes without clearing the gym. Their good insulating properties and relative slow drying times probably make these tights better suited to outdoor workouts anyway.  

The ThermoReg tights come in a range of sizes from XS to 4XL, although it doesn’t have a draw cord to fine-tune fit.  

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