More a winter base layer than compression top, this long-sleeve Castore jersey offers superb comfort and insulation…

Castore Long Sleeve Base Layer


£35 /


  • Excellent warmth
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Low compression
  • Slower drying

Comfort: 5/5
Compression: 3/5
Sweat-wicking: 3/5

This Castore long-sleeve base layer isn’t strictly a compression top. However, it features the same fabric and technical design as Castore’s pricier Roebus compression version, so it offers similar benefits. It’s among the best workout clothes for doing mobility work or performing stretching exercises.

The smooth, soft and shiny high-stretch jersey fabric is quite thick and more substantial than some compression gear. That’s great for durability and offers good warmth. But compared to the thinner compression gear from 2XU, Under Armour and Skins, it’s a more substantial and less restrictive layer. 

It still feels good against the skin and there are flatlock seams to help avoid chafing. A vented back aims to improve breathability but that thicker fabric doesn’t wick or dry as well as some other thinner tops we’ve tested. 

Overall comfort and fit is excellent. The compression is milder than the more serious 2XU Core Compression and Skins Series 5 base layers. It’s tight enough to offer good support in the chest and arms and flexible enough to cope with any kind of workout. But we wouldn’t pick this over those other more compressive tops for pure recovery. It’s a better option for layering on colder training days.

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We like the fact it’s well-fitted with a slightly longer body that hangs below the waistline. That cuts the risk of the top riding up and exposing your midriff to the cold when you’re doing exercises like chin-ups. 

Overall it’s a good quality baselayer for the price that offers good support and insulation if not many compression benefits. It only comes in five sizes, though, which is fewer than most tops on test here.