CEP’s Recovery Pro tights offer some serious compression benefits, with a precision fit to maximise your post-workout recovery…

CEP Recovery Pro Compression Tights 


£114.95 / cepsports.co.uk 


  • Medical-grade compression 
  • Precision fit 


  • Pricey 
  • Not the most comfortable 

Comfort: 3/5
Compression: 5/5
Sweat-wicking: 3/5

CEP’s Recovery Pro tights offer serious medical-grade, precision-fitted compression designed to support faster recovery after you’ve put a shift in during workouts. If you’re serious about bouncing back faster, these are the tights to wrestle onto your tired limbs.  They’re ideal for wearing underneath shorts or even the best sweatpants on colder days.

There are some significant differences here to other compression tights. For a start, CEP asks for precise calf, mid-thigh and ankle circumference measurements when you’re sizing up. That fine-tuned fit is critical for optimising the compression effects. It makes buying them a bit of a faff but you get better results than with off-the-shelf leggings.  

There’s even a guide detailing how you should put the tight on and CEP has included some key design features to ensure you wear them correctly. Once you’ve squeezed into them (and it is something of a squeeze), knitted knee zones with visible seams help you get the tights perfectly positioned on your legs.

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The tights also extend under the bottom of your heel, halfway down your foot, to ensure they’re held in place, and the graduated compression starts from the bottom of your leg.  

It’s a more constrictive sensation than with most compression tights. There’s a different feel to the fabric too. It’s not just noticeably tighter, it’s also a little rougher than some of the shinier baselayers. The CEP just doesn’t have that immediate comfort against the skin of some other compression tights.  

There’s a wide waistband that stays put and doesn’t roll or cut. Flattened seams in the gusset prevent chafing, though as these are meant to be worn post-workout that’s less of an issue anyway.  

The thick fabric adds a nice layer of warmth, so these are an ideal addition to your kit bag for use after races, and you can easily wear them under your regular clothes too.