Compression king CEP weaves extra recovery benefits into these easy-to-see Reflective Mid-Cut Compression Socks…

CEP Reflective Mid-Cut Compression Socks

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  • Well balanced zonal cushioning
  • Reflective detail to boost safety


  • Mild compression benefits
  • Colours fade quickly

Comfort: 5/5
Breathability: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

They might not be as important as picking the best running shorts or shoes, but choosing the right socks for running can make a real difference. CEP specialises in compression gear, including compression running socks. Their calf compression socks in particular are among the best going. But if you’re looking for a lower-cut running sock that still offers compression, these reflective mid-cut ones are a good choice. 

In testing I’ve covered hundreds of miles in CEP’s reflective socks and they’ve consistently offered reliable comfort over long miles.  They’re also showing no worrying signs of wear so the durability is good, too. Don’t expect the colours to stay bright for too long, though.

CEP Reflective Mid-Cut Compression Socks performance

They’re another relatively thick sock with extra-padded zones around the toes and in the heels. Though that additional cushioning isn’t over-done; it’s nicely balanced so they’ll fit better in snug shoes. The heel padding rises up the achilles, which is good for added protection from potential rubbing by high heel collars on your running shoes. The toes are also seamless so there are no unwanted friction spots. 

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There’s some extra visibility smarts too. The socks have strips of reflective yarn that provide 360-degree visibility when headlights hit them. Along with the slightly thicker knit, that makes them a good choice for winter runs. 

Product shot of CEP running socks

When it comes to the compression, they feature wrinkle-free, medi compression that CEP says ‘stimulates your ankles with a deep sensory effect, increasing their stability’. It’s quite mild compression, though, and I couldn’t say I noticed it much on my runs. But you do feel secure in them and they’re silky, snug and comfortable on the foot. Plus, the lighter weave up top into the mid-rise leg helps to keep things warm but breathable. 

They come in three different sizes, you can wash them up to 40 degrees and they’re good to go in the tumble dryer without coming out half a size down. If you want full compression, CEP does a longer calf length version.  

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