Therabody’s Theragun is the percussive therapy device for soft tissue repair and muscle recovery. We spoke to the founder, chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland, to find out the benefits of regularly using a Theragun…

Good Vibrations: 5 Benefits Of Using A Theragun – Men's Fitness UK

1. Benefits of Theragun For Warm-Up and Recovery

“Our Therabody app features protocols for an array of different forms of exercise. Whether that be running, yoga, strength training, or a walk,” says Dr Wersland.

“By pairing the app with your device via Bluetooth, you now have access to a fully customisable treatment, intuitive to what you’re doing. As a result, this creates the most consistent, effective treatment possible.

“Use your Theragun pre, post, and even during exercise in short bursts. It will help fast track your warm-ups and recovery, flushing out lactic acid and hydrating your muscles, acting to decrease post-exercise muscle soreness.”

2. Benefits of Theragun For Morning Vitality

“Through research, we’ve identified how to combine amplitude, frequency and torque to effectively stimulate blood flow. This will ultimately help you feel better,” says Dr Wersland.

“Our percussive therapy is for everyone, and that starts from the minute you wake up. I’d recommend a 90-second sweep each morning from your lower back, down to your hamstrings and then feet. This will give your muscles a jump start, ready for the day ahead.”

3. Benefits of Theragun For Mobility and Posture

“Poor posture and lack of flexibility have become all too common, with many of us living largely sedentary lifestyles, sitting behind a desk and computer screen. I’m passionate about getting people moving, and improving these areas,” says Dr Wersland.

“The Theragun Triangle design allows you to access pretty much wherever you want on the body easily. There are three-to-four-minute protocols featured on our app with grip suggestions for tech neck, carpal tunnel and the like. Plus, you can use your Theragun on virtually all muscle groups to improve your range of motion and mobility.

Good Vibrations: 5 Benefits Of Using A Theragun – Men's Fitness UK

The Theragun Pro is the latest version of the percussive therapy device

4. Benefits of Theragun For Stress and Pain Relief

“We all have tension in our bodies and our Theraguns are a great form of natural stress relief, acting to alleviate tension,” says Dr Wersland.

“Whether that be back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, etc., our devices will generate heat, release tension and increase blood flow in soft tissue to provide natural relief from everyday tension and ailments.”

5. Benefits of Theragun For Better Sleep

“For centuries humans have understood how applying pressure to the body helps reduce tension and increase relaxation. Percussive therapy utilises this language of pressure to communicate with your nervous system,” explains Dr Wersland.

“When you use Theragun for two to eight minutes on your body you actually turn off your stress switch and turn on your relax switch. This so important because your ability to deal with the next challenge depends on the quality of your rest and recovery.  Plus, there’s a detailed guided protocol for sleep on our Therabody app.”

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