Gymshark Power T-Shirt review: This heavy-duty cotton tee is an ideal pump cover for pre-workout warmups and will give you plenty of room to manuoevre…


Gymshark Power T-Shirt


$36 / £28,


  • Ideal for layering for warm-ups
  • Thick and durable 


  • Not very versatile

Comfort: 4/5
Fit: 4/5
Sweat wicking: 3/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

If you’re not familiar with pump covers, they’re basically oversized hoodies, T-shirts and sweatshirts that you wear on the gym floor while you’re warming up your muscles to a state of visible ‘pump’. You whip them off once you’re ready to unveil your swollen biceps, abs or quads to the world with a flourish. 

Gymshark Power T-Shirt features

This pump cover-style tee has a classic wide, loose, oversized fit with big baggy arms, a straight hem and dropped shoulder. That makes it perfect for layering over a regular training top for your warm-ups or workouts where you want a little more room to manoeuvre. 

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It’s made from 95% cotton, so is much thicker and heavier than polyester-based tops. Although it has 5% elastane for added stretch and flex it’s not great at wicking sweat. You wouldn’t stick this on for upbeat, high movement cardio sessions where things are likely to get hot and sweaty. It’s really only suited to lifting, warm ups and cool downs, or post-gym chilling. So it lacks the versatility of some do-it-all workout T-shirts. 

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If you’re used to close-fitting tops, the lifting-specific oversized cut can take some getting used to. But the flattering shape gets a big thumbs-up. There’s plenty of freedom to move and this is a great option for hitting the gym for upper-body and legs day.   

Unsurprisingly the Power tee also pretty durable. It will go through multiple wash cycles without losing its shape. 

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One style point: it comes with a whopping great screen-printed Gymshark logo across your upper back. 

The Gymshark Power T-Shirt comes in ten colours with seven sizes from XS to 3XL.