The Huawei Watch D plays with iOS and Android and has a host of heart health tools for those wanting to monitor their blood pressure…

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Huawei Watch D

$435 / £349 / 

Design: 4/5
Battery life: 4/5
Smart features: 4/5
Fitness insights: 5/5


  • Unique blood pressure monitoring capabilities 
  • Week-long battery life 


  • iOS setup wasn’t as smooth as Android 
  • Not suited to intense training sessions 

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There’s only one smartwatch option we’d recommend for anyone concerned about monitoring their blood pressure: the Huawei Watch D. It works with both Android and iOS and features the full spectrum of heart health monitoring tools. That means arterial stiffness detection, heart rate monitoring, as well as SpO2 and ECG sensors. 

Shipping with two cuff sizes in the box, it fit every wrist we put it on, and when you activate the blood pressure monitoring mode, the watch tightens around your wrist to take your reading. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and design – the watch isn’t unsightly or uncomfortable and doesn’t feel at all bulky. 

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There’s more to the Watch D than just heart health, though. It has seven-day battery life and, like Huawei’s other smartwatches, powers up with any standard wireless charger. It also offers great sleep-tracking, has a step counter and supports up to 70 workout modes. The Watch D even has a GPS, so tracks runs and cycles with more accuracy than we’d expect from a gadget with more of a medical focus.  

No third-party apps

That focus shows as you can’t install third-party apps onto Huawei’s Watch D, but it does relay notifications and have all the standard basic smartwatch features we’d expect – such as alarm, timer, stopwatch etc.  

Our main issue with the Watch D in our time with it was that it wouldn’t pair with our iPhone 14 Pro Max. It worked with a Google Pixel and an iPhone 12, but wouldn’t play ball with the 14 Pro Max for some reason. 

Despite its array of features, this probably isn’t suitable if you want a dedicated training watch. We wouldn’t want to get the fabric cuff too sweaty or worn out, as we couldn’t find any replacements after a quick online search.  

The Watch D is, therefore, a great option for anyone specifically concerned about blood pressure, possibly making for a winning gift for parents or grandparents, even if it isn’t an all-purpose fitness or training smartwatch for athletes or enthusiasts.