With plenty of size and thickness options the Kimjaly Yoga Mat is an ideal way to get a plush platform that fits your workout needs perfectly.

Looking for one of the best exercise mats to fit your exact workout needs? Here’s how the Kimjaly Yoga Mat performed when we put it to the test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Kimjaly mat gets our vote primarily due to the sheer number of size, thickness and colour options available. Alignment lines are helpful for yoga work too.
  • Non-slip and moisture wicking
  • Size options for a bespoke fit
  • Expensive for Decathlon
  • Looks and feels a little cheap

How we test the best exercise mats

Our testers put these exercise mats through their paces in a range of workouts, from HIIT sessions to yoga, to bring you the best of the best. In particular, testers were looking to see how grippy the mats were, how comfortable they were to exercise on and how easy they were to transport on the go. Bonus points were also awarded for durability, design options and value for money.

Materials:Foamed natural rubber / polyurethane
Dimensions:72.8 x 25.6in (185 x 65cm)
Features:Available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm thickness / alignment lines

Available in a variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, you are bound to find a version of the Kimjaly yoga mat to suit you. Hands (and feet) down, this is one of the best exercise mats for the price.

The 5mm version (there are also 3mm, 4mm and 8mm options) feels soft and well-cushioned and provides a plush platform that protects your spine from hard floors without compromising on grip.

Kimjaly Yoga Mat design

The smooth elastomer top layer is good at wicking away moisture, so your hands and feet lock firmly in place on the mat. We like the alignment lines which are strategically placed to keep you focused and to help maintain a good body position. They come in handy for yoga, Pilates or general stretching exercises – in fact any exercise where your body needs to be in a precise aligned position. 

Made with responsibly sourced natural materials, the Kimjaly mat performs well during HIIT bodyweight workouts and withstands sessions with shoes and heavy dumbbells, plus its non-slip rubber textured underside helps it grip to the floor with no movement or bunching even during intense plyometrics sessions. 

You needn’t worry about getting the mat dirty because the smooth top layer is a doddle to wipe clean. And at 65cm wide it’s roomy enough to accommodate users of most sizes. (Though if in doubt, there’s also an XL version measuring 210 x 70cm.)

The 5mm version is fairly lightweight at 820g and is compact when rolled up. There’s a carry strap, too, making this a suitable option for taking to the office for after-work gym sessions.

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