These protein bombs deliver an explosion of flavour and a decent dose of whey protein…

Probably one of the most recognisable brands for the best protein bars, Grenade Protein Bars feature a protein blend of calcium caseinate, bovine collagen hydrolysate and whey protein isolate and contain soy.

Men’s Fitness verdict

There’s a reason why Grenade is the UK’s best selling protein bar. Loaded with 20g protein and just 1.4g sugar, it’s the best-tasting, best textured, least-sickly sweet bar we’ve tested.
  • Great tasting
  • Excellent chewy texture
  • Good amount of protein
  • Expensive
  • A bit sweet
  • High in polyols

How we test the best protein bars

Registered nutritionist (AFN) and sports nutritionist (SENr) Rob Hobson only tested chocolate-flavoured bars to provide consistency in his reviews. He judged them on their taste, texture and nutritional effectiveness, as well as cost and availability, and the amount of polyols – a type of sweetener which can upset the gut in high amounts.

Grenade Bar benefits

Each bar’s 20g of protein is a good amount to take care of your post-workout recovery needs and there are more than 15 flavours to choose from, including vegan options. Fortunately there’s a 12-flavour selection box if you can’t make your mind up.

If you’re wondering whether protein bars are healthy, this bar is low in sugar with just 1.4g and sweetened with mannitol (polyol). It contains 15g of polyols, which is relatively high, so stick to just one bar, as it can act as a laxative in higher quantities.

Flavour and texture

The salted caramel flavoured bar we tested is milk chocolate covered (some flavours have white chocolate). It’s rich tasting and chewy, though it could be too sweet for some. As you’d expect from a brand like Grenade, you certainly get an explosion for flavour. It has a pleasant mouth feel without any off-putting aftertaste like you can get with other sweetened bars.

Worth noting for professional athletes, Grenade bars are Informed Sport approved, so they’re cleared for use in elite competition.

Still going string, Grenade Protein Bars are one of the best on test with a great taste, a pleasant chewy texture and all the protein you need to get your recovery fix. They are not plant-based though, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for the best vegan protein bars.