If you’re looking to build a kettlebell collection without breaking the bank, these powder-coated Mirafit weights will fit the bill.

These are some of the best kettlebells for home workouts and come in a nine-weight range that jumps up in decent increments from 6kg to 36kg. So there’s an option for pretty much all strengths and drills. They’re good value individually but you can also buy them in a set for added savings. 

Men’s Fitness verdict

These soft-touch kettlebells are refreshingly affordable but that doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on quality. The powder coating and weld-free construction means they’ll last for ages too.
  • Flat, wobble-free base
  • Reliable soft grip
  • Robust, weld-free construction
  • Not as protective as rubber coated

How we tested the best kettlebells

Our testers Kieran Alger and Leon Poultney are experienced product reviewers of all manner of fitness kit. They tested these kettlebells at various weights and through a range of exercises at high rep ranges to see how they handle. They marked each one for grip, comfort (and weight range for the adjustable options) and gave an overall score that takes build quality, performance and price into consideration.

The Soft-Touch range goes from 6kg to 36kg

Mirafit Soft-Touch Cast-Iron Kettlebells features

Coated bells are the best option for anyone who wants extra protection for their flooring. While rubber coated are your best bet, I found the soft-touch coating on these worked well to soften any impacts. (Though you still need to take care.) The added outer protection also boosts the kettlebells’ durability. 

Underneath that protective coating, there’s a single-cast, weld-free cast-iron kettlebell – another tick in the durability box. I also loved how the Mirafit’s flat-base offered wobble-free set-down and storage.

Mirafit Soft-Touch Cast-Iron Kettlebells performance

When it comes to grip and control, the handle has a powder-coated matte finish that offers a smooth and soft grip. I love how the bells are nicely balanced, very comfortable to hold and ideal for all the major kettlebell drills. 

The handles and windows also increase in size with the weight and while some of the larger options may be a shade fat for smaller hands, those larger weights’ windows also easily accommodate a two-hand grip.

If you want standard sizes, handles and windows, Mirafit also has a competition kettlebell range from 8-32kg – though these are a fair bit pricier. 


Weight range:13.2 lbs to 70.5 lbs / 6kg to 32kg
Number of weights:9
Features:Weld-free cast-iron construction, full set available with storage rack