With 30 intensity levels, the Motive Fitness Elegance Vibration Plate is a useful – albeit basic – addition to any full-body training plan.

Looking to upgrade your setup with the best home gym equipment? Here’s how the Motive Fitness Elegance Vibration plate performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Motive Fitness Elegance Vibration Plate offers an inexpensive introduction for beginners to the benefits of using vibration plates.
  • 30 intensity levels
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Basic function
  • On the small side

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Weight23.6lb / 10.7kg
Dimensions23.6 x 14.4 x 5.3in / 60 x 36.5 x 13.5cm
Frequency rangeup to 50Hz
AccessoriesRemote control / exercise strap

The Motive Fitness Elegance Vibration Plate (buy now) is an ideal piece of kit for beginners, thanks to the four simple programs – manual, warm up, just right and fat burn. It has 30 intensity levels that are easy to work through, and a compact remote that can be used to set the speed, duration or exercise mode. Despite the intense vibrations at level 30, the plate is surprisingly quiet. 

Motive Fitness Elegance Vibration Plate features  

The machine itself is basic, consisting of a compact block-like platform measuring 60cm x 36.5cm (23.5in x 14.4in). It does still, however, boast a vibration frequency of up to 50 hertz which is pretty impressive for such a small plate – compared to standard models that vibrate at 30-40 hertz.  

Weighing just 10.7kg (23.6lb), the Elegance Vibration Plate is easy to carry from room to room and its detachable cable straps mean you can train your legs and arms at the same time – think squats with bicep curls or lunges with lat raises to give you a rapid full-body workout.  

Your calorie burn and time and speed can also be selected and viewed on the plate’s control bar. The surface feels slightly textured, making it grippy yet not too rough on bare skin. 

Overall, if you’re after one of the best vibration plates, the Motive Fitness Elegance is an effective option for the most basic of exercises. Don’t expect to use it for more dynamic moves like plyometrics or those that need a lot of surface area as there’s not enough room for that. There’s just enough room for a squat or wide push-up. However, that does mean it’s compact enough to fit under your sofa. 

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