The original and still one of the best, the mid-range Nutribullet 900 blender can whizz up super-smooth smoothies in seconds.

Nutribullet 900


  • Impressive blending power
  • Good ice crushing capabilities
  • Two cup sizes


  • Only one power level

Power: 4.5/5
Blending: 4.5/5
Crushing: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Depending on your ideal budget, how much countertop space you’ve got, and what you’re whipping up, certain blenders will perform better than others. If you’re looking for a blenders to whisk up smoothies using the best protein powders, the Nutribullet 900 blender could be the option for you.

First launched in 2003, Nutribullet has since gone on to sell over 50 million blenders, making them arguably the best blender providers for all your smoothie and shake needs. And having spent a month with its mid-range 900W design, it’s difficult to argue with its success; this thing can pulverise just about anything.

Nutribullet 900 features

The original selling point of the Nutribullet was that it didn’t just blend. Instead, thanks to the extra blade power, it extracted more nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s not something I was able to test, but I do know there’s no quicker way to ingest a fridge full of superfoods. Vitamix does a similar thing, but costs significantly more.

Nutribullet’s personal blender concept has been imitated by countless brands, but none have quite managed to beat it. Fill the 0.95-litre container with ingredients, screw on the blade lid and insert into the base. When it clips into position the blades start, laying waste to everything inside. It’s a superb motor, and especially good at coping with fibrous greens such as kale. It can’t make it taste any better, but at least it slides down easier.

I chose the 900 model as it offers an incredible 24,000rpm and 900W of power, all for a very affordable price. It comes supplied with one oversized cup (909ml) with screw-on keep-fresh lid and a takeaway cup (680ml) with gym-style flip-top sip lid. Given the ubiquity of the Nutribullet, the design’s starting to look a little dated, but it’s a minor complaint.

Nutribullet 900 uses

As well as being the best blender I’ve tried for smoothies and shakes, the 900 is great for making smooth hummus, guacamole and blitzing vegetables and breadcrumbs. There’s loads of proper meal recipes online too if you want to get more than just a drink from your blender. It is also effective at crushing ice – I’ve never made a more authentic frozen margarita.

Be aware though, with only one power (and pulse) you won’t have the same level of control when dealing with delicate ingredients. For this, you’ll need a full-sized blender.

The BPA-free cups are fairly easy to clean and when you’re using protein powder the power of the blades means less gets stuck. The only minor niggle I experienced was with the amount of liquid or dry ingredients that got stuck to the blade lid. It’s almost impossible to remove it without dripping remnants over the worktop.

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