The On Running Cloud X is a versatile gym shoe that can cope with high-intensity workouts or long-distance treadmill runs…

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On Running Cloud X 


£130 /


  • Lightweight, breathable feel
  • Clean, simplistic design


  • Could have more heel support
  • Lacks serious cushioning

Fit: 4/5
Comfort: 3.5/5
Performance: 4/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

Designed to make you feel as though you’re running on air, the On Running Cloud X is exactly the kind of versatile gym shoe you want for mixed-modality workouts.

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On first glance, it almost look like a trail running shoe, and while we didn’t use it for off-road running, it feels like it could easily manage that kind of terrain. That’s partly down to the light, bouncy quality, but also due to the solid base – which gives plenty of stability for lifting weights.

Underneath you’ll find a solid base well equipped for weight lifting 

And when it comes to weight training, the shoe’s minimal drop also comes in handy, because it prevents your ankle from reaching a pointed angle.

The On Running Cloud X is comfortable to wear, with a stretchy mesh material that creates a comfy, neutral fit. Couple that with the shoe’s no-sew design, and you’ve got a lightweight, breathable trainer that feels natural to work out in.

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What’s sacrificed for the comfortable, lightweight feel is arguably a bit of extra padding. Some people might want more cushioning around the ankles, where the lining can dig in a little. The heel support is also quite thin, which may be a potential downside for some gym-goers.

Regardless, the Cloud X is a solid option for anyone looking for a versatile cross-training shoe. Its lightweight, breathable design is ideal for mixed workouts, and it also looks striking. We tried the Rust / Rock colour scheme, which combines stony grey and burnt orange for a clean and original design.

There are five other colour schemes to choose from. Whichever colour you opt for, this is a shoe that offers comfort and support for a variety of workouts.

Used pair of On Running Cloud X gym shoes

The Cloud X handles trail running with as much ease as it does gym work

Words: Fred Garratt-Stanley

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