Reebok’s 6-inch sports boxers are simple, effective and great value…

Reebok Performance Boxer Briefs


£17 for 3,


  • Reinforced supportive pouch 
  • Plenty of flexibility 


  • Flat seams are quite chunky

Support: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

These six-inch Reebok Performance Boxer Briefs are basic but functional. A set of do-it-all workout boxers you can stick in your kitbag to handle most things – including doubling up as your regular undies. They’re also very good value. And if you’re after a simple, reliable fit that delivers comfort across a range of workouts from running and riding, to lifting and HIIT, these are a good choice. See how they stacks up against the rest of the best moisture-wicking underwear.

They feature a similar blend of polyester and elastane that you’ll find in Under Armour’s 6-inch Tech Boxerjocks, and what you get here is pretty similar in terms of fit, comfort, support and breathability. 

Reebok Performance Boxer Briefs features

There’s no clever tech or big claims, you just get soft, silky, stretchy and light undies that have a good disappearing fit on the legs and backside. We’re not talking skin-tight support but there’s a reinforced mesh pouch that offers a little more scaffold for your dangly bits than the Under Armour alternatives. The Reebok Performance Boxer Briefs boast flat seams to help prevent chafing, though they’re a little more substantial than seams on some other briefs. 

The stretchy waistband is wide enough to prevent any cutting in or rolling up. It’s soft – but not the softest. However it does stay put, and keeps everything in place unless you’re really getting stuck into big dynamic moves. 

The main fabric is thin and wicks sweat as well as any briefs we tested. It dries pretty quick, too, and these briefs tended to avoid getting heavy even during the sweatiest sessions.  

Durability is solid, they hold their shape well after multiple wash cycles. A few pairs of these in your locker should last a good while. They come in three colours and four sizes, from S to XL. 

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