Offering superior support thanks to their BallPark pouch, the Kinetic 8-inch shorts are ideal for fast and dynamic workouts…


Saxx Kinetic


$40 / £34,


  • Unique BallPark pouch support
  • Selection of leg lengths 


  • Slightly scratchy waistband
  • Can struggle to move sweat 

Support: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Durability: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Ideal for up-tempo training, high-energy cardio workouts and long, leisurely runs, the standout feature – almost literally – of the Saxx Kinetic gym briefs is its pronounced trademark BallPark pouch. See how they stacks up against the rest of the best moisture-wicking underwear.

The best way to describe this special front loading section is like a high-sided hammock that cradles everything, improving support and helping reduce the risk of rubbing and chafing. In other words, it keeps your dangly bits away from your legs, suspended in their own soft cocoon. It’s a unique sensation that admittedly takes some getting used to, with a fit and feel like no other sports undies.

Saxx Kinetic features

You’ll find the BallPark across Saxx’s range of regular briefs but the Kinetic range is more geared to exercise. It handily features different leg length options including a boxer-style 5-inch version. These Kinetic sorts have an 8-inch inseam for a longer baselayer-like feel. 

They’re made from a soft, smooth blend of nylon and elastane with plenty of stretch and a decent amount of structure. That helps durability and these will roll through multiple wash and spin cycles without losing their shape or hugging hold. 

There are quite a few seams here but they’re nicely flat and we had no problems with rubbing. Though these definitely suit shorter workouts rather than endurance efforts. 

The same goes for the wide waistband. It’s a little scratchy and certainly not as soft as you’ll find on the likes of the Smartwool Merino Briefs or the cheaper Under Armour 6-Inch Tech Boxerjocks but it stays put well and is comfortable enough. 

Sweat-wicking, moisture management and drying is decent. It’s perhaps not as efficient as lighter material briefs but it copes well enough during hotter workouts (including a two-hour desert run). But where these really excel is tackling the higher-impact and faster-moving exercises like sprints, burpees and box jumps. 

The Saxx Kinetic comes in black, grey and a grey striped version and is available in six sizes from XS to XXL. 

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