If you’re after serious upper-torso compression benefits, look no further than the highly breathable Skins Series 5 top…

Skins Series 5 Top


£90 / skinscompression.com 


  • Good arm compression
  • Precise fit


  • Front seams can chafe
  • No watch window

Comfort: 4/5
Compression: 4/5
Sweat-wicking: 4/5

The companion top to the Skins Series 5 leggings, this baselayer packs Skins’ highest level of compression. It’s designed to help you train longer and recover quicker, whether you’re hauling heavy metal in the gym, racing obstacle courses, or busting a gut box-to-box on the football pitch. It’s among the best workout clothes for mobility work or for performing stretching exercises.

The Series 5’s panelled design strategically uses different fabrics to offer compression, breathability and flexibility where you need it most. It focuses the major compression on the forearms and biceps but leaves plenty of flex across the pecs and core – to maximise chest expansion and assist blood return to the heart.

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The result is a tight-fitting top that’s harder to wriggle into and out of than most of the compression gear we tested. But once you do you can enjoy some of the best levels of targetted compression around. 

There are plenty of other clever design details too. Mesh panels on the chest and spine help improve overall comfort and improve sweat-wicking performance. The Series 5 is excellent at adding warmth to your core without overheating. Highly elasticated waist and sleeve cuffs keep this layer locked in place during rigorous drills.

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There’s no watch window to give you easy access to your vital stats during runs and rides. And in our tests the extra seams on the front panels had a habit of moving into nipple-chafe territory during some workouts. 

There are five available sizes, from small to XXL, but when ordering you are asked for your widest chest measurements, which then gives you a size recommendation. This precision sizing advice helps you get the full compression benefits of the Skins Series 5.