Step One Boxer Brief Plus trunks are sustainable sports shorts that boast impressive levels of comfort and support…


Step One Boxer Brief Plus


$26.50 / £19, 


  • Excellent support
  • Zero rubbing or chafing


  • Waistband sits a little low
  • Lacking the lively designs of its regular boxers 

Support: 5/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
Durability: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Aussie underwear brand Step One produce boxers and trunks in a range of whacky colours with smirk-inducing names like “juicy plums” and “butter nuts”. It’s a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. (Just have a look at the label inside its trunks, which says thinks like “Turning inside-out does not count as a wash” and “Please don’t pull! I’m a delicate little petal.”) See how they stacks up against the rest of the best moisture-wicking underwear.

Step One Boxer Brief Plus features

However, the company certainly takes its underwear seriously. Although I haven’t tried its regular boxers, these Step One Boxer Brief Plus sports trunks offer up just the right level of support and ventilation where you need it most. The body of the trunks is made from sustainable bamboo viscose, with a lateral gusset vent strip made from polyamide and spandex.

With a little spandex in the bamboo viscose blend, the trunks hold their shape surprisingly well, and long 8-inch legs don’t ride up despite having no real gripper at the hem. (The sports trunks are 1.5in / 4cm longer than One Step’s boxer briefs.)

The trunks are extremely comfy to wear too. The main body and pouch feel quite neutral and almost unnoticeable against the skin with the ribbon of polyamide/spandex mix feeling cool and silky against your undercarriage.

That strip works wonders at shifting sweat, so you stay fresh where it matters most. Though sometimes the main bamboo body struggles to keep things cool when the heat is really on.

Seams are minimal and fairly flat and cause no irritation when in use. The most pronounced seam is the one around the front pouch which looks like it could cause an issue but again is unnoticeable when worn. The waistband is a slightly rougher texture than the main trunk but isn’t noticeable against the skin. It’s wide enough that it doesn’t exert too much pressure, or roll or cut in either.

Unlike the standard boxers, which are available in a multitude of limited edition patterns, you’ll be limited to six colour options. Step One’s mission is to produce underwear for all body types, and you can pick up these trunks in six sizes from small to 3XL.  At $28.50 / £19 a pair, these Step One Boxer Brief Plus trunks offer good value and plenty of comfort, as well as confidence-inspiring support for dynamic workouts of all kinds.

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