Wherever you train, make sure you have cold water therapy on tap with the Pod Company’s portable ice bath.

Many coaches and athletes extol the benefits of using cold water for recovery alongside stretching exercises. Fortunately, you don’t have to fill an entire bathtub or buy a massive container to sit in to try it out for yourself. There are smaller, cheaper and more portable options that allow you to ‘enjoy’ the cold tub experience. One of those is the Ice Pod from the Pod Company. 

Men’s Fitness verdict

If you’re looking for cold water therapy on the go, we think the Ice Pod is a great pick. Set-up is quick and simple, there’s plenty of room for tall guys and filling and emptying is a breeze.
  • Can be set up in a few minutes
  • For use inside or outside
  • Roomy enough for tall guys
  • Attachable tap to let water out
  • No storage case
  • Only big enough for one person
  • Needs to be topped up after each use

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I was able to test this tub out for several uses and found it to be a great asset. It was simple to set up and didn’t take more than a few minutes to fill up. It didn’t take long to dissemble, either. 

The Ice Pod set up in the reviewer's garden
The Pod Company’s Ice Pod can be set up in just a few minutes

How big is the Ice Pod?

When inflated and standing, the Ice Pod weighs 7lb / 3.2kg, stands 29in / 73.7cm tall and is 32in / 81.3cm diameter. It can hold up to 79 gallons / 300 litres of water. The average adult can easily step over the wall of the tub to get inside. You can also drop on your knees or sit down completely inside the tub with your legs bent. The Pro version has double insulation to keep water cold even longer than the standard version. 

Sets up in minutes 

Once you open the package up, you can blow up the top of the pod within a couple of minutes. A pump makes this process even quicker. Then, you slide the eight legs into their slots and stand it on its feet. You’re now ready to fill it up with water. 

You can either fill up a bucket and pour it into the pod or use a hose. I used the latter option, and filled the pod in less than 10 minutes. You can add ice to maximise the cold temperature if you like. I filled it with water from a well which was more than cold enough. When you’re ready to drain it, there’s a tap attachment that makes it much easier than pulling the water out of the pod manually. 

Ice Pod comfort

The Ice Pod (buy now) can accommodate a person up to 6ft 9in / 2m 6cm tall or up to 300lb / 136kg in bodyweight. I’m 5ft 9 inches / 1m 75cm tall and weigh 250lb / 113kg and was able to fit inside with no trouble.

When I sat on the floor of the pod, the top of my shoulders was at the top of the water. I’d sit for 5-10 minutes a session and use it for several different sessions throughout the week. I found that I was noticeably less sore in the days following intense training and had more energy later in the day than days I didn’t use it. 


There are a couple of minor inconveniences with the Ice Pod. You’ll likely lose water once you step in and out of the top, which means you’ll need to replace it if you wish to use it again. Then again that’s true of most portable ice bats.

There’s also no storage case included, so you’ll have to find your own way of storing it once it’s dry. I found a simple tote bag worked fine. 

Is the Ice Pod worth it? 

If recovery is a priority and you believe in the power of cold water, then a portable ice bath like the Ice Pod is a must-have. It’s simple to set up and use, has enough room even for the tallest folk, and is easier on the wallet than a larger cold tub that would have to stay in place permanently.

I’ve found using the Ice Pod for 5-10 minutes a day after training has been hugely beneficial. It’s now a regular part of my recovery protocol

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