The Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 is a solid, dependable shoe that’s reassuringly stable whatever cardio or weight exercise you throw at it.

A versatile shoe that offers stability for various cardio and weight exercises, the Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 is a solid, functional piece of footwear, and one of our best gym shoes for this year. Here’s how it performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Combining a lightweight and breathable upper with a strong and grippy rubber build under the toe box, this shoe provides a solid base and powerful floor grip, making it well suited to heavy lifting.
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Great all-rounder
  • Thick midsole means you don’t feel close to the ground
  • Heel area could be comfier

How we tested the best gym shoes

Our team of reviewers are experienced testers of all manner of fitness kit. They put each gym shoe through its paces in a variety of workouts, from treadmill running to strength training, assessing them in terms of fit, comfort, and performance. They also paid close attention to the materials used throughout the shoe, the sizes and widths available, and the shoes’s total weight.

Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 sole
The Under Armour TriBase has a solid base well suited to weight lifting

Reign 5 features and materials

The Reign 5 has a durable base, a sock-like wrap-around upper that we found easy to slip on and off, and a thick, blocky midsole that provides plenty of support.

It’s a highly breathable shoe too, with a layered mesh material that stops our feet from getting too sweaty during intense workout sessions. There’s a contrast between the shoe’s upper and lower areas; the lightweight upper material might be a little thin for some, although the shoe’s midsole is firm and sturdy.

How did the Reign 5 perform on test?

One potential concern is that the heel area can be a little uncomfortable, but ultimately the shoe’s solid design delivers prime durability. The Reign 5 is designed to maximise ground contact while promoting natural motion, and it gives you a good blend of stability and movement. 

A strong rubber build under the toe box provides a solid base and powerful floor grip, making it well suited to heavy lifting. If you’re incorporating compound lifts into your gym work, this might just be the ideal shoe for you.

MaterialsMesh upper; Micro G™ foam midsole; UA TriBase™ outsole
Colors7 colours available
Sizes6 – 14