Offering excellent balance, feel and control, the Wolverson Competition Kettlebells are the gold standard in kettlebell construction.

Some of the best kettlebells simply swing and handle with better control, better balance and a feeling that makes you want to pick them up and get working. These Wolverson Competition kettlebells fit that bill. They don’t just look good, thanks to their retro boxing gym style, they’re also some of the best movers in the business. 

Men’s Fitness verdict

Impressive construction, good balance, textured grips and roomy handles combine to make the Wolverson Competition Kettlebells the best that we’ve tested. They’re pricey, but not prohibitively so.
  • Good weight control
  • Excellent grip and handling
  • Plenty of room for two-handed drills
  • You’ll want the whole set

How we tested the best kettlebells

Our testers Kieran Alger and Leon Poultney are experienced product reviewers of all manner of fitness kit. They tested these kettlebells at various weights and through a range of exercises at high rep ranges to see how they handle. They marked each one for grip, comfort (and weight range for the adjustable options) and gave an overall score that takes build quality, performance and price into consideration.

From 4kg to 32kg, each Wolverson kettlebell is the same size

Wolverson Competition Kettlebell features

Wolverson Competition Kettlebells are made from high-grade iron using solid one-piece casting techniques, with no welding and a hollow core. So what you get is expert weight distribution that won’t change over time (like some cheaper sand-filled alternatives) and class-leading tolerance in a solid and durable package. 

The non-corrosive 34mm diameter handles have substantial girth and are easily grippable, with a subtle texture that’s easy on the hands. They offer good width and clearance, with plenty of room for two-handed drills. And they’re legal for all National Federations.

Wolverson Competition Kettlebell weight range

There are eleven weights in the range, going from 4kg up to 32kg, in 2kg then 4kg increments. Because they’re competition-style bells you get consistent sizing across the weight range.

That’s also ideal if you’re working on consistent form and technique as you move up the weight range. Plus, all of them have a stand-flat base for easy set-down and storage. 


Weight range:8.8lbs to 70.5 lbs / 4kg to 32kg
Number of weights:11
Features:Consistent size across the range, calibrated for competition, lifetime casting warranty