TRX Rubber-Coated Kettlebell review: These kettlebells cover a wide weight range and offer a confidence-inspiring grip for more dynamic routines…

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TRX Rubber-Coated Kettlebell


From $69.95 / £49.95,


  • Comfortable non-slip textured grip
  • Durable rubber coating


  • Expensive

Grip: 4.5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Weight range: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

You’ll probably know TRX from its popular suspension training systems. But nowadays the company offers a much broader range of home gym kit – which includes a range of rubber-coated kettlebells with eight different weights ranging from 4kg to 28kg. That surpasses the upper weight limit of adjustable kettlebells like the Bowflex Selecttech 840 and the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect 2.0

TRX Rubber-Coated Kettlebell features

Rubber-coated bells are the best option if you’re concerned about your flooring. The 80 durometer durable rubber coating here does a great job of softening most – but not all – of the impact. The high durometer rubber also means it’s tougher and more resistant to things like heat, while helping prevent scuffs and chips on the kettlebell.

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Underneath that protective rubber coating you’ve got a gravity-cast, cast-iron kettlebell with a machined flat base that makes for easy set-downs and reliable stowage. 

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The powder coated iron handles are nicely textured for good, reliable grip while you’re tackling swings, presses, squats, snatches and other drills. And the size of the handles changes as you move up the weight range with bigger windows and larger diameters.  

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The 12kg bell – the fourth up in the range – is nicely balanced: not too fat, not too skinny, with just about enough room to accommodate a two-handed grip. Each kettlebell has colour coding on the handle, too, so if you’ve building a set you can spot your weights easily. And TRX has handily stamped the weights on the side in kg and lbs.   

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