Build lean muscle with this six-move barbell complex workout to burn body fat and improve full-body strength…

Bodyweight exercises are a great starting point for burning body fat – if you’re looking for an upgrade, this six-move barbell landmine workout complex is sure to deliver a knockout blow.

Angle a barbell into a suitable corner of your gym or a weight plate on the floor (most gyms now have specialist landmine attachments, which allow you to easily slide one end of the bar into).

Take a deep breath and execute all the moves in this workout back-to-back to build a lean physique and burn body fat in minutes.

How this workout burns body fat:

“Training with a complex allows you to use your whole body during a short and intense workout,” says Mishal Dasani of Own Your Fitness.

“The result will be increased lactate output – the thing that makes your muscles burn – and your body being flooded with growth hormone.” 

This combination is the perfect workout weapon to rapidly burn body fat and improve muscle growth.

How to do this landmine barbell workout:

  • Complete each exercise back-to-back.
  • Do 30-45 secs of work for each exercise.
  • Once one round is complete, rest for 60 seconds then go again.

Landmine barbell workout to burn body fat

1a. Landmine power clean
1b. Landmine front squat
1c. Landmine rotation
1d. Landmine lateral lunge
1e. Landmine single-arm thruster
1f. Meadows row

Keep reading for full workout instructions.

man demonstrates power clean in landmine barbell workout to burn body fat

1a. Landmine power clean

Coach’s comment: “Keep looking forward to keep your chest up and back straight,” says Dasani.

  • Angle a barbell into a heavy weight plate on the floor.
  • Squat and grasp the bar with both hands.
  • Drive up powerfully, pulling the bar up quickly.
  • As the bar passes chest height, drop under it and catch it with your elbows tucked in to your body.

man demonstrates front squat in landmine barbell workout to burn body fat

1b. Landmine front squat

Coach’s comment: “Sit back on your hips to engage your hamstrings and glutes.”

  • After the final power clean rep, keep holding the bar in front of your chest and sink into a deep squat, keeping your knees wide apart and chest up.
  • Press down through your heels and drive your hips forward to stand tall. 

man demonstrates landmine rotation

1c. Landmine rotation

Coach’s comment: “Keep your arms and shoulders locked to focus the movement on your core.”

  • Hold the bar with both hands and keep your arms straight as you rotate the bar from one side to the other in a big arc, keeping your core tight throughout.
  • Pivot your knees to follow the direction of the bar.
  • Alternate sides.

man demonstrates landmine lunge

1d. Landmine lateral lunge

Coach’s comment: “Point your toe diagonally so your knee tracks over your toes.”

  • Hold the bar in front of your chest and take a big step to one side so your feet are double shoulder-width apart.
  • Keeping your chest up, bend your right knee to lower into a deep side lunge, then repeat on your left side.
  • Alternate sides. 

man demonstrates landmine single arm thruster in barbell workout to burn body fat

1e. Landmine single-arm thruster

Coach’s comment: “Keep your core engaged to transfer power from your lower to upper body.”

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the bar with one hand at shoulder height.
  • Lower into a squat, drive back up to stand and use the momentum to press the bar overhead.
  • Swap sides halfway through the timed set. 

man demonstrates meadows row in landmine barbell workout to burn body fat

1f. Meadows row

Coach’s comment: “Retract both shoulder blades throughout to keep your back flat.”

  • Turn side-on to the bar and bend forwards, hinging at the hips.
  • Grasp the bar with one hand, using an overhand grip, and lean on your knee with your other arm for support.
  • Row the bar to your armpit.
  • Swap sides halfway through the timed set.


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