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As the temperatures rise, it’s prime time to pedal your way to work – set the wheels in motion with Green Commute Initiative.

Whether you’re dusting off your old faithful from the shed or eyeing an upgrade, the health perks of cycling are ripe for the picking. Opting for two wheels means escaping the chaos of rush-hour traffic and packed trains. It’s about integrating exercise seamlessly into your daily grind, reaping the well-documented rewards of boosted mood, improved fitness, and a lot of saved cash.

New to the cycling scene? Don’t sweat it. Explore the world of ebikes for an effortless journey. These electric-powered wonders provide a boost when needed, cruising at up to 15.5mph. Research proves they’re just as effective for fitness, encouraging longer rides and fewer car trips.

Concerned about the cost? Enter the Cycle to Work Scheme with Green Commute Initiative (GCI). Enjoy year-round savings of 28-47% on any bike type, without waiting for seasonal sales. Plus, revamp your current ride with scheme-covered parts.

This employee perk slashes taxes and NI contributions, with repayments spread over manageable terms. GCI, a not-for-profit, prioritises pedal power for a healthier planet and happier commuters. No ownership fees, no spend limits – just maximum savings on the wheels you crave. There’s no interest charged and you can repay over 12-60 months. The savings you get will be based on how much PAYE tax you pay: basic rate tax payers save 28%, higher rate 42%, and highest rate 47%.  

With GCI’s swift service, there’s no time like the present to seize your new ride before the summer sun sets. So, saddle up and ride on!

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Go green

Green Commute Initiative is a scheme provider with a difference. Firstly, they are a not-for-profit social enterprise, so the only thing they are focused on is getting more people cycling. Why? Because swapping car rides for cycling not only cleans up the air we breathe but also boosts our overall health and wellbeing while minimising our environmental footprint.