Find out how to use lifting straps for a rock solid grip with our step-by-step illustrated guide by former PT and fitness expert Roger Lockridge.

Does your grip give out before your legs do when you deadlift? It can be frustrating to know you’re capable of lifting more weight, only to have it slip out your hands before your target muscles are worked effectively.

It’s well worth doing targeted exercises to improve your grip (think farmer’s carries and shrugs – anything that involves holding heavy weights in each hand). But everyone, no matter their grip strength, can also benefit from using lifting straps.

Lifting straps have a loop on one end that you feed the other end through. They’re then placed around your wrist, with the long end of the strap going around the handle – usually a barbell – you would normally hold. This takes a lot of the strain off your forearms and helps you to keep holding on, so you can execute your desired number of reps.

How to use lifting straps

Step 1:

Hold the strap at both ends.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Step 2:

Slide the non-looped end of the strap through the loop on the other end to make the hole that your hand goes through.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Step 3:

Slide your hand into that hole, with the palm up so the remaining portion of the strap can go over the palm. That portion should be in the direction of your thumb. If the strap is going in the same direction as your left thumb, it should go in the left hand, and vice versa. Repeat with the other strap for the right hand.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Step 4:

Take the strap of the working hand and wrap it around the handle of the object you intend to lift.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Step 5:

You can wrap the strap around the bar as much as you like, but just one loop is fine.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Step 6:

Now take a grip of the looped strap, so it sits between your hand and the bar. Make sure the strap is secured before you begin the lift. Do not attempt to lift with a loose strap.

Illustrated guide to using lifting straps

Try these Gymreapers lifting straps

Illustrations: Peter Liddiard / Main image: Gymreapers

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