These simple pad-free leather straps surprisingly comfortable and easy to clean.

Schiek is one of the more popular companies in the training accessories space. You may have seen its adverts with former Mr Olympia winners Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Brandon Curry. Its most recent lifting straps are made of real leather.

Men’s Fitness verdict

We like these premium leather lifting straps and anre big fans of Schiek’s no-quibble replacement policy. They can get a bit slippery though.
  • Leather construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Great customer service
  • No wrist padding
  • Can get slick when sweaty

How we test the best lifting straps

Our tester Roger Lockridge is an experienced product reviewer of all manner of fitness kit. He tested these lifting straps over at least a month at various weights and through a range of exercises at high rep ranges. Roger assessed each pair in terms of grip, comfort and durability. He then provided an overall score, taking availability, value and ranges of colors, sizes and other options into account.

Schiek 1000 LLS Leather Lifting Straps features

These best lifting straps come in two colors – black and tan – and both look as good as they perform. The design is simplicity itself and the leather is easy to clean. They’re 21in (53.4cm) in length and 1.5in (3.8cm) wide. The company logo is stitched on and there’s no padding on the inside for the wrist, but the strap itself shouldn’t irritate the skin or pull any hair. 

These can be used in any training environment, but if you train in hot conditions you may want to give an extra tug or two on the handle before you begin your set. Keep in mind that if your equipment has aggressive knurling, such as a powerlifting barbell would, it may impact your straps as well. 

Beginners or people that focus on general fitness training will be satisfied with the Schiek 1000 LLS due their simplicity. Advanced lifters will find these to be dependable as well. I have a pair in my gym bag for when I travel, and they’ve lasted me for several years. I find them easy to use with machine handles or dumbbells.

For the advanced lifters, they should hold up through harder workouts. If a strap does happen to break, Schiek has great customer service, with a no-quibble strap replacement policy. 

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