Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Look no further than JLL, the ultimate destination for top-tier workout kit…

Working out from home offers convenience and flexibility. You can tailor your workouts to fit your schedule, saving time commuting to the gym – and a whole stack of membership fees in the process.

A home gym set-up is also a comfortable environment to work out in, free from judgment or queues to use the squat machine.

With JLL’s high-quality equipment, you can work out any time that suits you. Home fitness equipment also encourages consistency. It’s easy to skip the gym when it’s far away, but when your equipment is within arm’s reach, you’re more likely to stick to your routine.

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Cost advantages

Gym memberships and classes can be costly over time, whereas purchasing quality equipment for your home is a one-time investment. JLL’s flexible finance options make it even more accessible, allowing you to spread the cost over manageable instalments.

Beyond the financial aspect, having fitness equipment at home can improve your overall wellbeing. Regular exercise is essential for physical and mental health, and when it’s readily available, you’re more likely to incorporate it into your daily life.

Whether it’s a quick morning workout to boost your energy, or an evening session to unwind, JLL’s equipment empowers you to prioritise your health.

JLL’s extensive product range also ensures that you can diversify your workouts to target various muscle groups and fitness goals. From treadmills for cardio enthusiasts to weightlifting equipment for strength training, JLL has something for everyone. You can tailor your workouts to your specific needs and preferences.

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Cardio equipment

JLL offers a diverse range of home cardio workout equipment to suit your needs. Its selection of treadmills includes folding options for space-saving convenience, along with a variety of accessories to enhance your experience.

For those who prefer to take to two wheels for cardio sessions, JLL provides upright and recumbent exercise bikes, as well as an Indoor Cycling Series designed for intense cardio sessions.

Cross trainers offer a low-impact, full-body workout, and rowing machines provide an effective cardiovascular exercise.

Additionally, JLL offers refurbished exercise equipment, ensuring quality and affordability for maintaining a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

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Strength training products

JLL’s dumbbell range includes various sets for progressive strength training. While neoprene-coated and vinyl kettlebells offer versatile workout options for strength and endurance.

For a complete home gym set-up, JLL also offers weight benches and a variety of barbells and plates, including chromed barbells and weight plates with secure collars. The strength equipment even includes weight racks, ensuring organised and accessible storage for your weights.

JLL offers refurbished weights, too, making premium fitness equipment accessible while maintaining quality. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, JLL’s range of home weights equipment has you covered.

JLL 6mm yoga mats

Yoga and gym accessories

JLL offers a comprehensive range of yoga equipment and accessories to enhance your practice. And to create the perfect yoga space, JLL offers specialised flooring options, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

Stay hydrated with water bottles and improve stability with balance equipment. JLL even offers treadmill, weight, bike, and skipping accessories to enhance the workout experience.

Shop with confidence

Making a significant purchase can be a daunting task. Which is why JLL offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, JLL will refund your money. When you shop with JLL online, you’ll enjoy the added convenience of free delivery to most of the UK Mainland.

However, if you find yourself torn between different models, or simply want to see and feel the equipment before making a decision, why not visit the JLL showroom in Birmingham. Expert staff will guide you through their extensive product range and answer any queries you may have.