Balance My Hormones founder Mike Kocsis explains how testosterone replacement therapy is reshaping men’s hormone health…

With an increasing number of men embracing the potential benefits of testosterone therapy for their wellbeing, we had the opportunity to speak with a trailblazer in the field, Mike Kocsis.

As the founder of Balance My Hormones, Kocsis embarked on this journey after his own experience with testosterone treatment. With over two decades of expertise in addressing hormone imbalances, Kocsis is well-equipped to shed light on the transformative effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), offering insights into energy replenishment, rejuvenated sex drive, and enhanced life control.

Men’s Fitness: What motivated the establishment of Balance My Hormones?

Mike Kocsis: Through my work, I identified a significant oversight in addressing men’s and women’s hormonal health within the UK. I wanted to launch a platform that not only helps users identify their hormone levels but also guides them through addressing deficiencies, such as low testosterone. The goal was to provide a comprehensive, ethical, evidence-backed program of treatment and support.

MF: Could you share your personal experience with testosterone deficiency?

MK: At the age of 22, I encountered symptoms like low libido and night sweats, indicating low testosterone. Back then, testosterone testing and treatment were in their early stages. I sought treatment and was informed about the importance of maintaining hormone balance to avoid detrimental impacts on life quality. This insight stayed with me and became pivotal in starting Balance My Hormones.

MF: Isn’t it unusual to experience testosterone deficiency at such a young age?

MK: It is, but I now also firmly believe in testing testosterone levels during a man’s prime, when they feel their best. Waiting for symptoms to appear might delay addressing imbalances. By getting a blood test in your 20s and establishing a baseline, you have a reference point to understand any future changes in your hormone levels.

Balance My Hormones UK TRT clinic

Balance My Hormones UK TRT clinic

MF: Why is there a rising demand for testosterone replacement therapy in the UK?

MK: Testosterone deficiency has long been overlooked in the UK’s medical landscape. The NHS classification of deficiency is set at a very low range. While organisations like the British Society for Sexual Medicine advocate for change, more and more men experiencing symptoms like low libido, lethargy, and mood fluctuations are seeking alternatives from private sources.

MF: How do clinics like Balance My Hormones offer an alternative to NHS treatment?

MK: Our approach involves American-style testosterone replacement therapy, tailored to British sensibilities. While the NHS excels in many ways, restrictions often limit access to innovative, personalised treatments. Increasingly, men are approaching clinics like ours due to difficulties in receiving NHS treatment for concerns like low testosterone.

MF: How does Balance My Hormones assist men with low testosterone levels?

MK: We provide a three-pronged approach to address hormone imbalances (BMH treats both men and women). Firstly, through blood testing, patients gain insights into their hormone levels. Those requiring further assistance can become TRT patients, benefiting from doctor consultations, blood tests, and dedicated case management. The third stage involves accessing licensed medications, including testosterone treatments.

MF: Is testosterone treatment similar to over-the-counter supplements?

MK: No, it’s not akin to supplements available in health food shops. Our treatments involve licensed medications, especially testosterone, which require appropriate handling. Testosterone treatment, along with other hormone treatments, is administered through injections or compounded creams.

MF: How do you address concerns about testosterone treatment?

MK: We offer instruction and support for self-administering injections. For those who prefer an alternative, creams can be applied to the scrotum for easier absorption. Our focus isn’t solely on muscle enhancement but on achieving internal hormone balance, which ultimately contributes to a healthier external appearance.

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