Heineken® has entered the world of football fashion with the pint-cho, a beer-resistant poncho.

Stone Island, retro shirts, bucket hats… ponchos? If football fashion is about expressing a love for the game and standing out in the stands, perhaps the Pint-cho could be the next big thing.

Heineken’s latest innovation, the Pint-cho, is the garm you didn’t know you needed: a beer-resistant poncho. Just in time for England’s match against Switzerland this Saturday, fans can now say goodbye to beer spills and hello to a whole new level of pub fashion.

Designed by Rainkiss, a top Amsterdam rainwear brand, the Pint-cho is not your average poncho. Made from 100% certified recycled polyester, it sports a fisherman jacket-style hood for full head and neck coverage, so you can enjoy the game without worrying about spills.

But Heineken’s innovation doesn’t stop there. With HeineCare, the world’s first beer insurance policy, if your pint accidentally meets an untimely end due to an unexpected spill, Heineken has you covered. Simply scan a QR code at participating pubs, enter some basic information, and receive a voucher for a replacement pint of Heineken or the alcohol-free, low-calorie beer Heineken 0.0.

Models wearing the Heineken Pint-cho

To add to the excitement, lucky punters can snag a free Pint-cho at select pubs or try their luck at winning one through Heineken’s social media channels.

Heineken’s marketing manager, Stephanie Dexter, sums it up best: “For decades, Heineken has not only celebrated football fans but also championed the glorious, crisp pint and all its beauty. However, when these worlds collide during national tournaments, unfortunately, it can be dangerous for your beer… and your outfit. So this summer we’ve intervened. The Pint-cho is fully beer-resistant and is a serious fashion statement. Beer will inevitably be spilt in pubs and pub gardens. But it’s OK. Fans can style it out in a Pint-cho.” 

Cheers to that.