The latest range of low-calorie beers mean fitness and responsible drinking can go hand in hand. Here’s our pick of the best for 2024.

Beer gets a bad rap for derailing best-laid weight-loss plans, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the odd drink – especially with the rise of the low-calorie beer.

While the world of booze can be tricky to navigate when trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, if you want to enjoy the taste of lager or ale without disrupting your fitness goals, low-calorie beers are the answer.

All of the beers in this list contain less than 100 calories per 330ml can or bottle. So if you’re a beer lover who’s following a fat-loss plan, or you’re simply looking to maintain a healthy weight, check out our pick of the best low-calorie options on the market right now.

Brisk Lager – one of the best low-calorie beers

Brisk Lager

With a gentle 3.3% ABV, just 1g of carbs, and 0g of sugar, recently launched Brisk Lager is a guilt-free tipple at just 70 calories per serving – 50% less than your standard lager.

Hailing from Infinite Session, an independent beer company in London, Brisk is crafted from a premium all-grain recipe – free from cheaper maize or corn – for a taste that’s smooth, crisp and incredibly drinkable.

Prime Time Classic Lager low-calorie beers

Prime Time Classic Lager

Prime Time Lager has created a 95kcal craft lager that’s up there with some of the best tasting premium beers. The taste is so crisp and refreshing, you wouldn’t know you’re drinking a low-calorie lager that has just 4g of carbs per 330ml.

As well as the classic version there’s also a caffeine-infused variety with 50mg of caffeine (equivalent to half a cup of coffee) to give you an early evening pick-me-up. Both are 4.2% ABV and are gluten free and vegan.

Tennent's Light low-calorie beers

Tennent’s Light

Special mention to the lowest-calorie beer in this list. Made from Scottish-grown cereals and fresh highland water from Loch Katrine, Tennent’s Light is bright and balanced, with a nice blend of bitter sweetness – and there’s a barely-there 60 calories per bottle.

We’ll have five.

Small Beer Hazy IPA can

Small Beer Hazy IPA

Low in calories and alcohol, but high in flavour, the latest creation from Bermondsey brewers Small Beer ticks a lot of boxes. Each can contains just 95.7 calories, at a very ‘sessionable’ 2.6%.

The flavour is big and fruity, with the apricot and mango notes provided by four types of malt and three different hops. These are also vegan-friendly.

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager low-calorie beers

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

A rising star in the world of low-calorie beer, SkinnyBrands Lager tastes as good as any regular beer – the only thing missing is the triple-figure calorie count. If fact a bottle of this fantastic 4% lager comes in at just 89 calories.

Clean, crisp and refreshing, it’s also vegan and gluten-free.

Bud Light low-calorie beers

Bud Light Premium Lager

The product of a beechwood ageing process that delivers a light, smooth taste with a hint of sweetness, Bud Light is a big name in the low-calorie beer market for a reason: it’s really good.

What’s more, each bottle comes in at just 80 calories.

Brewdog Lightspeed low-calorie beers

Brewdog Lightspeed Hazy IPA

Lightspeed is a 4% hazy pale ale with just 95 calories per can.

Fruity flavours come to the fore, with floral notes to finish. A lovely drop and a great option if you’re after one of the best low-calorie beers this year.