Activ5 is the palm-sized device and accompanying app that pairs isometric exercises with gamified fitness.

Disclaimer: if it’s bulging biceps and a body like Thor you’re after, this little pocket rocket isn’t going to get you very far. However, for strength, flexibility and a quick-fix way to work your muscles when you’re on the move, Activ5 is surprisingly effective.

Isometric exercises are all about maintaining resistance in a fixed position. Using just your bodyweight, you can force your muscles to work against each other. This leads to increases in strength and muscular endurance.

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MF Tests Activ5: The Handheld Isometric Device | Men's Fitness UK

Game Train With Activ5

Activ5 measures your force in pounds and tracks your improvements on the accompanying app. Workouts on the app are then tailored to your strength and fitness levels. This is represented by a variety of Space Invaders-style games that require you to release and apply pressure to affect the on-screen animation.

Each workout – of which there are over 100 to choose from – lasts for around five minutes. This makes Activ5 a useful tool to keep at your desk or in your bag to stay active and keep your muscles engaged throughout the day.

As there’s no real limit to how hard you can press down on the device, the exercises – from squats to planks and everything in-between – are as tough as you make them. Plus, the in-app games do a decent job of maintaining focus if you’re prone to distraction.

If you’re looking to transform your fitness and get in the shape of your life, you’re going to need a little more than Activ5. However, for anyone who travels a lot or needs to freshen up their routine, it offers a fast and fun introduction to isometrics and a new way to train.

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MF Tests Activ5: The Handheld Isometric Device | Men's Fitness UK

RRP £129.99
Available from:, Harrods and Smartech Selfridges