Crossrope holds grade A status in the jump rope world and its Crossrope Speed Performance Set is up there with the best…

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Highly Recommended

Crossrope Speed Performance Set


£149 /

Grip: 4/5
Rotation: 5/5
Durability: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5


  • Good variety of rope weights
  • Great handle rotation


  • A little too heavy for speed work
  • Lifetime guarantee comes at a price

One of the OGs of skipping ropes, Crossrope holds A-grade status in the jump rope world. Its Speed Performance set consists of a 3oz (85g), 6oz (170g) and 9oz (255g) rope and a set of handles, as well as a bag to hold the entire set.

Weighted speed ropes are, according to Crossrope, the secret to taking your double-under game to the next level. We spent most of our session with the 3oz rope, which is easy to attach to the handles thanks to a simple clicking mechanism.

We flipped between the different weights to make our workout a little more challenging and found that there was minimal time between changes. The ropes are each a different colour, too, so there’s no confusion as to which weight you’re working with.

A word of note: pick the correct size before ordering, as the rope lengths are not adjustable. The Crossrope website makes it clear which size to go for based on your height.

The Crossrope handles rotate really well and they’re comfortable to hold so there’s no hand chafing to worry about. The set may seem expensive (individually, rope and handle would cost around £100) but these are high-quality ropes and the handles are backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you want to play around with various tricks and test your endurance, the Crossrope Set is your ideal training partner. If it’s double-under speed you’re after, though, there are better choices.

(Crossrope provides a useful app with skipping tricks and exercises so you can really nail your jump technique.)

Best skipping ropes – Crossrope Speed Performance Set

The price of the Crossrope Speed Performance Set reflects its build quality

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