You don’t have to break the banks to find the ideal fat-fighting tool. Portable, affordable and brilliant for cardio or CrossFit, these are the best skipping ropes we’ve tested.

If you’re looking to kit out your home gym, we recommend first investing in one of the best exercise mats to give you a safe and supportive foundation. After this, you’ll need some equipment for your workouts – and skipping ropes are an effective and affordable place to start. It’s common knowledge that a ten-minute skipping session can be as effective as half an hour of running.

For those of us who never seem to have enough time to dedicate to full workouts, a skipping rope can be a great way to get short, sharp cardio bursts in. Here’s our tried and tested pick of the best skipping ropes for high-intensity workouts and cardio sessions.

The best skipping ropes in 2024

It’s hard to look beyond the Crossrope Speed Performance Set as the ultimate in skipping ropes. It’s by no means cheap but it comes with a lifetime guarantee and 3oz (85g), 6oz (170g) and 9oz (255g) ropes. Rope changing is quick and easy and rotation is super-smooth too.

Other skipping rope recommendations

Best for double-unders:The Freeletics Jump Rope has a thin rope that’s suited to confident skippers. Its light weight and high-speed bearings make it perfect for double-unders and quicker skipping.
Best for weighted workouts:With two 1.1kg and 3.9kg ropes, the Mirafit Battle Jump Rope is an excellent choice for everything from fat-stripping HIIT to building grip, shoulder and arm strength.
Best for speed work:Smooth swivel bearings and a lightweight, adjustable steel rope make the Primal Strength Steel Speed Rope a great candidate for high-speed workouts.

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product shot of crossrope speed performance set

Crossrope Speed Performance Set

Men’s Fitness verdict

Crossrope holds grade A status in the jump rope world and its Speed Performance Set is up there with the best.
  • Good variation of rope weights
  • Great handle rotation
  • A little too heavy for speed work
  • Lifetime guarantee comes at a price
Materials:Wire inner, PVC coating
Rope weight:85g (3oz) / 170g (6oz) / 255g (9oz)
Length:2.45m (8ft) / 2.6m (8ft 6in) / 2.75m (9ft) / 2.9m (9ft 6in)
Features:Fast Clip connection system, 30 days free membership
using the Crossrope app, lifetime handle warranty

Weighted speed ropes can take your double-under game to the next level, and Crossrope’s Speed Performance Set has three weights to choose from. Swapping between the 3oz, 6oz and 9oz rope couldn’t be easier with its Fast Clip connection system.

While testing, I found the handles rotate well and they’re comfortable to hold, so there’s no hand chafing to worry about. Their lifetime warranty alone justifies the price tag, and there is a subscription-based app with more than a thousand workouts to inspire you.

Best Skipping Ropes For CrossFit and Cardio | Men's Fitness UK

Mirafit Battle Jump Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

If you want to add some strength work to your cardio skipping sessions, Mirafit’s weighted ropes are the way to go. Good choice of rope weights and thicknesses too.
  • Adds upper-body conditioning
  • Wide weight range
  • Heaviest rope challenging for new skippers
  • Not much variation in rope length
Materials:Durable, black polyester weave with rubber coated handles
Weight:1.1kg (2.4lb) to 3.9kg (8.6lb)
Length:2.8m (9ft 2in) or 3m (9ft 10in)
Features:Weighted for full-body strength training; rubber handles
provide grip and comfort

If skipping over skinny, lightweight loops isn’t challenging enough, this hard-wearing, battle rope/jump rope hybrid adds some upper-body conditioning to your endurance workouts.

At one to two inches thick, with a hefty weight that ranges from 1.1kg to 3.9kg, they’re excellent for everything for fat-stripping HIIT, to building grip, shoulder and arm strength.

Despite that extra bulk, my Mirafit ropes pack comfortably into my gym bag, while the rubber reinforced handles make them easy to grip and brilliantly durable.

Product shot of Freeletics skipping rope

Freeletics Jump Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Freeletics Jump Rope is one of the best skipping ropes available and an excellent all-rounder – it’s lightweight, adjustable and fast.
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Smooth rotating handles
  • Thin rope can be painful if caught
  • Handles can unscrew over time
Materials:Steel rope core, polyurethane rope shell with aluminium handles
Handle weight:105g (3.7oz)
Thickness:2.5cm (1in)
Length:3m (9ft 10in)
Features:Adjustable length, anti-slip handles, high-speed bearings,
Training with Jump Rope – Fundamentals ebook and carry pouch

With its high-speed bearings, lightweight construction and ultra-thin rope, the Freeletics Jump Rope is a great choice for speed work.

The 17cm long aluminium handles are super slim, but thanks to their anti-slip coating I found them easy to grip even after an intense 20-minute session. Because they’re so light, there’s far less pressure on the forearms, too – perfect for double-unders.

You can also discover various jump rope exercises with the Freeletics app, and nail your technique with the included Training with Jump Rope – Fundamentals ebook.

Product shot of an RDX jump rope

RDX Digital Calorie Burn and Workout Counter

Men’s Fitness verdict

An excellent value option with useful jump and calorie burn counter. Cable rotates smoothly but build quality could be better.
  • Useful stats and insights
  • Durable PVC-coated wire
  • Handles can get slippery
  • Larger hands may obscure screen
Materials:PVC-coated steel cable
Length:3.1m (10ft 2in) – adjustable
Features:Embedded sensors to tracks jumps and calorie burn, with LED screen;
non-slip ergonomic handles; adjustable length; steel ball bearings
enable smooth 360 degree rotation

RDX’s connected rope uses embedded sensors to accurately count your jumps, estimate calorie burn, with all your stats appealing alongside a countdown timer on an LED display in the handles. I found this feature super handy to keep track of my stats and monitor my progression.

The 3.1m rope is adjustable and I was impressed by the non-slip handles, which ensured maximum grip while I was working out.

Royzon Adult Skipping Rope

Royzon Adult Skipping Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

The Royzon rope offers seamless skipping at an affordable price, works on a variety of surfaces and is a great option for all abilities.
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth rotation
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • Difficult to adjust

Often available at less than a tenner, the Royzon is an ideal lightweight rope to keep stashed in your gym bag. Its rope is smooth rotating, adjustable (if a little fiddly, in my opinion) and suitable for most surfaces, offering performance that some ropes five times the price would struggle to match.

Despite its price and simple design, the Royzon is one of the best skipping ropes I’ve ever tried for speed work and double-unders, making it a worthy addition to your home gym kit or gym bag.

Best Skipping Ropes For CrossFit and Cardio | Men's Fitness UK

Primal Strength Steel Skipping Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

An unsurprisigly rock-solid option from Primal Strength. Plenty of adjustability, smooth rotation and good grip from its lightweight steel handles
  • Textured handles for a solid grip
  • Smooth bearings
  • Unwanted cable can protrude
  • Knurled handles can eventually dig into palms
Features:Smooth bearings for a rapid, multi-directional spin;
lightweight steel handles with firm knurling for added grip;
adjustable length

If you’re looking for a speed rope, this has brilliantly smooth swivel bearings to ensure a reliably rapid spin.

It also packs textured, lightweight steel handles, which provided me with adequate grip while I powered through a sweaty workout. Bonus points too for adjustability.

RPM Training Session 4.0 Speed Rope

Best skipping ropes for CrossFit and Cardio – RPM Training Session 4.0 Speed Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

Described as the ‘do everything, go anywhere rope’, the fourth version of RPM’s speed rope is perfect for quick skipping. Plus the colored handles will add some bling to your workout.
  • Fast and smooth rotation
  • Handles guaranteed for 5 years
  • Changing length is permanent
  • Difficult to pack away
Materials:Aluminium handles
Features:Dual bearings, available in black, gold, blue and pink, 
microfibre bag, five-year handle warranty

The fourth version of RPM’s Training Session is aimed at WOD-loving CrossFitters. Its dual axis rotation ensures it elicits some serious speed, making it ideal for crushing double-unders or even triple-unders. 

You’ll be limited to using it indoors or on a soft mat, and I found that it did require a bit of handy work to nail the correct length (any length changes are permanent), but it is quick once you get going.

Adidas Skipping Rope Set: Best Skipping Ropes For CrossFit and Cardio

adidas Skipping Rope Set

Men’s Fitness verdict

This is a versatile piece of kit from adidas – we particularly like the 50g and 100g handle inserts which can add variability to your workouts.
  • Different ropes and weights give plenty of variability
  • Smooth rotating
  • Not the most ergonomic handles
  • Grip can get slippery
Length:2.75m (9ft)
Included:2 x interchangeable weight ropes; 2 x 50g and
2 x 100g weighted handle inserts; carry case
Features:Interchangeable ropes and handle weights

If you want flexibility, adidas’ unique rope set has 50g and 100g interchangeable weighted cores that slot inside the handles, plus two 2.75m ropes – one weighted, one lighter for speedwork – so you change gears to suit your goals.

Overall, I found this versatile bit of kit perfect for any and all skipping rope drills, exercises and workouts. It also comes in a case, which makes it ideal for travelling to the gym or further afield.

Best Skipping Ropes For CrossFit and Cardio | Men's Fitness UK

Sundried Skipping Rope

Men’s Fitness verdict

This no-frills option from Sundried comes in at a great price. It’s infinitely adjustable with ergonomic handles but for speed sessions you might want something a bit smoother.
  • Excellent value
  • Adjustable rope length
  • There are smoother options
  • If shortened, extra cable length is still exposed
Length:3m (9ft 10in) – adjustable
Features:Ergonomic thumb grooves and non-slip ridging;
super slim speed rope with adjustable cables;
spare cable, carry case and free downloadable
skipping guide

This lightweight, super-slim speed rope coped well while I was smashing out rapid-fire boxing drills and general gym sessions alike.

The 12cm rubber grip handles are fatter than some others I’ve tried, but I found the ergonomic thumb grooves made for a comfortable grip. The 3m cable is length adjustable and the set comes with a spare.

How we test the best skipping ropes

Our experienced product tester Lucy Gornall tested each skipping rope set over at least a month. She put them through a range of workouts and speed drills, and used all included accessories and rope weights, judging each system on the smoothness of their rotation, their grip and durability – before awarding a final score that also took into account price, availability and included accessories.

Benefits of training with skipping ropes:

Training with skipping ropes offers a range of benefits. Firstly, most skipping ropes are cheap and small enough to keep in a bag, or at work – or both – so you can get your cardio fix whenever the opportunity arises.

Secondly, fast-foot rope sessions are also lower impact and brilliant for improving coordination and balance – the foundations for extending your fitness well into your grandpa years.

Lucky, then, that when it comes to gym kit, the humble rope is about as lightweight, affordable and convenient as it comes.

What makes a good skipping rope?

  • A lengthy, adjustable rope. If your rope is too long, you’ll want to be able to adjust it. If it’s too short, however, there’s not much you can do and skipping becomes difficult and uncomfortable.
  • A thickness that suits you. If you want to double-under the day away, then opt for skinny speed ropes. If it’s toning up and muscular endurance you’re after, then thicker, weighted ropes are best.
  • Smooth rotation on the handles. This is key to the best skipping ropes – if the rope doesn’t glide nicely overhead, you’ll soon get frustrated.
  • Handles with good grip. Constant double-unders require a firm grip on handles or you’ll lose control of the rope.

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