The Freeletics Jump Rope is one of the best skipping ropes available and an excellent all-rounder – it’s lightweight, adjustable and fast…

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Best Buy
5-Star Product

Freeletics Jump Rope


£24.50 / (international shipping available)


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Smooth and fast rotating handles


  • Thin rope can be painful if caught
  • Handles can unscrew over time

Grip: 5/5
Rotation: 5/5
Durability: 5/5

The best all-round skipping rope, the Freeletics Jump Rope is also a real space saver: packing away nicely into the included pouch, so there’s no chance of it getting tangled up in your kit bag.

The 17cm long aluminium handles are super slim and the rope itself is very light. It’s easily adjustable, too: self-locking handles make it easy to adjust the length at any point – simply click in and out and pull the rope to the required length.

With the rope being so thin, it’s better suited to confident skippers, as you’ll feel any whips. But that has the benefit of making it perfect for double-unders and quicker skipping. The high-speed bearings also help the cable to rotate freely and quickly.

We skipped for 20 minutes using this rope and despite sweaty palms, the handles were still good to grip thanks to their anti-slip coating. Because they’re so light, there’s also far less pressure on the forearms.

You can download the Freeletics app for various jump rope exercises which work with this rope, and nail your technique with the Training with Jump Rope – Fundamentals ebook (ent when you buy the rope online).

Best skipping ropes for Crossfit and cardio – the Freeletics Jump Rope

The Freeletics Jump Rope is one of the best all-round skipping ropes

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