The Amazon Basics TPE resistance band set is a great no-frills option for those looking for light resistance workouts or injury rehabilitation…

If you’re looking for the best resistance bands to add to your workouts, you might shrug off low-cost options like this Amazon Basics TPE set. But these cheap and cheerful bands stand out when it comes to lighter training days or injury recovery. Here’s how they performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

These no-frills basic bands are ideal for light resistance workouts and injury rehabilitation. They are also portable and budget-friendly – but don’t expect to build up serious muscle.
  • Affordable and portable
  • Drawstring carry case included
  • Slightly sticky out of the box – may require talc
  • Too light for serious muscle building

How we tested the best resistance bands

These bands were tested by experienced product reviewer and fitness expert Basil Kronfli. Basil tested the bands over a six-week period from his home, across a variety of exercises and home workouts. The bands were rated according to three main criteria: versatility, band quality and resistance range.

Amazon Basics Resistance Bands kit including storage bag
All three bands are stored in a black, plastic cinch bag with a drawstring to keep them inside, and the whole system is thin and light, making it very portable.

Using Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Band Set

If you’re after a no-frills stretching aid that can also serve up light resistance band workouts for the whole body, help with injury rehabilitation, and increase blood flow to an area, the low-cost Amazon Basics TPE resistance band set gives you three long, versatile bands for under £10.

These aren’t looped, so will rely on you to grip them in order to create tension, but that actually makes them a bit more versatile for certain two-handed exercises like lat raises, which wouldn’t be possible with a looped band.

All three bands are stored in a black, plastic cinch bag with a drawstring to keep them inside, and the whole system is thin and light, making it very portable. Each band also ships in its own plastic bag, which prevents them getting stuck to one another. We’d probably keep hold of these unless you treat the bands to make them a bit less sticky.

Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Band Set features

Measuring 1.5m when fully stretched out, there’s a fair bit of material on all three of the Amazon bands. This means the set isn’t as suited to whipping out on a plane as the Body Power Mini Bands – it can get a bit spaghetti junction – but we would say the bands are an ideal option for a suitcase.

The set comes in three colours and strengths: pink (heavy), green (medium) and orange (light). Amazon doesn’t offer corresponding weight ratings for each band, but generally speaking, they’re all on the lighter side when compared to the other bands we have tested.

We’ve already hinted at the fact our least favourite aspect of the Amazon Basics bands is that they feel a touch sticky, and they left our hands feeling the same after using them. This is often a key difference between fabric vs. rubber resistance bands. We probably wouldn’t bunch them together in a bag – we get the impression that after prolonged use they could stick together. If you are picking up a set, use talcum powder to help keep them supple and unstuck.

Material:Latex-free TPE
Colours:Pink, green, orange
Number of bands:3