Build muscle and strength from home with this resistance band full-body workout from performance coach Omar Mansour.

This resistance band full-body workout will target all your main muscles. I recommend picking a pair of the best resistance bands that create a good amount of resistance in each exercise, but that you can still control through the movements. 

Bands can challenge you in different ways to free weights – typically the upper portion of the movement is harder, because that’s when the band is stretched tight with the most resistance. Overloading the top part of an exercise in this way can create greater muscular activation. 

About the expert: Omar Mansour is a personal trainer, running coach, fitness consultant and co-founder of Track Life Ldn. Find him online at or on Instagram @mromg 

Resistance band full-body workout 

1a. Front squat (45 secs)
1b. Seated back row (45 secs)
1c. Press-up (45 secs)
1d. Reverse lunge (45 secs)
1e. Overhead press (45 secs)
1f. Bicep curl (45 secs)

How to do this workout:

Complete the exercises back-to-back. Do each exercise for 45 secs, rest for 15 secs, then move on. Rest 60 seconds after the last exercise and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

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Man performing banded front squat
Man performing banded front squat in resistance band full-body workout

1a. Resistance band front squat  

Time: 45 secs
Rest: None, go straight into 1b

Main muscles: Glutes, quads, hip adductors  

  • Stand on the band with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Rack the band under the chin, palms facing the sky and elbows facing forward. 
  • Push the hips back and bend the knees performing a front squat while keeping your elbows high throughout and your weight over your heels. 
Man performing a banded seated back row
Man performing a banded seated back row in resistance band full-body workout

1b. Resistance band seated back row 

Time: 45 secs
Rest: None, go straight into 1c

Main muscles: Lats, rhomboids, mid to lower traps, biceps 

  • Sit on the floor with your legs extended, loop the resistance band around the soles of your feet.
  • Pull the band toward your waistline, while squeezing the shoulder blades together.
  • Slowly release to the starting position and repeat.
  • Keep chest high throughout.  
Man performing banded press-up in resistance band full-body workout
Man performing banded press-up

1c. Resistance band press-up 

Time: 45 secs
Rest: None, go straight into 1d

Main muscles: Pecs, delts, triceps, serrates anterior 

  • Place the band around the mid/upper back, under your arms, and loop the band through the palm of your hands. 
  • Have your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Head in front of the hands and shoulders set back.  
  • From a high plank position bend elbows and lower body as one unit until elbows are at least 90 degrees. (If you can keep form, go lower).
  • Then push ground away from you and lock out as you return to the top of the movement.  
Man performing a banded reverse lunge
Man performing a banded reverse lunge in resistance band full-body workout

1d. Resistance band reverse lunge 

Time: 45 secs
Rest: None, go straight into 1e

Main muscles: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves

  • Loop resistance band around your right foot, behind your shoulders, and around in front of your neck.
  • Keeping your upper body tall, step backward with your left foot and lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees and the same for the back knee.
  • Push yourself back to starting position.

man performing banded overhead press as part of resistance band full-body workout

1e. Resistance band overhead press

Time: 45 secs
Rest: None, go straight into 1f

Main muscles: Delts, triceps, traps

  • Put one foot in the middle of the resistance band.
  • Now grab both sides of the band – near the top – and bring it to shoulder height.
  • Brace your core and press the band overhead until arms are locked out.
  • Now lower with control back to shoulder height.
Man performing banded bicep curl
Man performing banded bicep curl  in resistance band full-body workout

1f. Resistance band bicep curl 

Time: 45 secs
Rest: 60 secs, then repeat 1a
Sets: 4

Main muscles: Biceps

  • Stand in the middle of a resistance band.
  • Grab each side of the band with each hand.  
  • Brace your core and then curl the band up until your hands reach about shoulder level, before lowering with control.

Photography: @imagegod


1h. Resistance band single-arm overhead extension

Reps: 12
Rest: 90 secs
Sets: Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times

  • Grab the band by both ends behind your back.
  • Extend the top arm up behind your head, while the other hand holds the opposite end of the band securely at your lower back.
  • Complete one side before switching.