Après Food provides organic, frozen meals with an emphasis on hearty flavours…

See how Après Food compares to the best meal delivery services in the UK

Editor Isaac Williams put three of the main meals to the taste test: Organic Chicken Satay, Organic All Day Breakfast, Organic Mac & Cheese. Here’s his verdict…

Après Food


From £4.95 per serving, apresfood.com


  • Genuinely tasty, with much more flavour than other frozen meal services
  • Organic ingredients, sources from local suppliers
  • Various ‘bundles’ available (including ‘New Parent’ and ‘Gut Health’) to simplify meal selection


  • Fairly expensive
  • Less choice than some other meal delivery services
  • Minimal vegetarian and vegan options

Taste: 4.5/5
Variety: 3.5/5
Nutrition: 4/5

Apres Food Organic Beef Bourguignon
The Organic Beef Bourguignon is packed with protein and all-natural ingredients

Broadly speaking, people who subscribe to meal delivery services require one of two things. The first is absolutely everything taken care of – breakfasts, mains, snacks and drinks – each week, so nutrition and macronutrient intake is completely simplified. The other is just a few meals per week, so on busy days you don’t have to resort to an unhealthy takeaway. I would say Après Food is better suited to the latter.

What are macronutrients?

You won’t find any breakfast, snacks or drinks options available, and the variety of Mains – currently 15 on the website – is pretty small compared to the likes of bigger-name meal companies.

However, what you do get is big, hearty meals full of all the right stuff. The founder is a chef, Catherine Sharman, and that’s evident with the focus on high-quality, organic ingredients. Of the three Mains I tried, the Organic Chicken Satay with Pickles & Jewelled Vegetable Rice was my favourite. Not only does it taste great, but the list of ingredients (see below) is completely natural – that shines through with the punchy flavours.

Apres Food chicken satay ingredients

Are Après Food meals healthy?

For the protein-conscious, the Chicken Satay contained a decent 29.7g protein, as well as 54.1g carbs and 6.8g fats. That’s the highest amount of protein of any of the meals I tried, but not the most of all Après’ options: that goes to the Organic Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignon, which contains 32g.

In terms of calories, the Mains tend to fall somewhere between 400 and 700 calories per meal, which will suit anyone who’s trying to watch their daily intake.

I cooked the meals in the oven – 40 minutes from frozen – but you can also do them in the microwave in as little as 4 minutes (from chilled). The outer sleeve and trays are made from recyclable cardboard; the only non-recyclable element is the plastic film.

Is Après Food good for vegetarians?

If there’s one slight gripe, it’s that vegetarian and vegan options are limited (currently five veggie Mains available), so if you don’t eat meat or animal products you’re likely to be better served elsewhere.

Equally, cost could be an issue, with most Mains only serving one and costing between £4.95 and £6.95. If you’re not eating solo, the price for a week of meals is going to add up.

However, if it’s just a few dishes you’re after to take the stress out of some mid-week dinners, the food on offer is tasty and premium quality.