Start packing in your protein fix at breakfast time with our pick of the best protein cereal brands, containing a higher amount of the good stuff than your regular supermarket picks…

You might be a connoisseur when it comes to the best protein bars, but are you clued up on protein cereals? Breakfast cereals have long had a bad rep, and deservedly so. Most are far from being the breakfast of champions. Traditional brands tend to be carb-heavy, contain high amounts of sugar and offer only a small protein pay-off.

Oats – topped with banana and a dollop of peanut butter – have become the functional athlete’s favourite. But since 81% of Brits still want cereal for breakfast, more cereal brands are producing special ‘protein’ options to knock the oat from its throne.

Some of these breakfast cereal options offer a higher protein content than even chicken breasts, and all keep sugar content to a minimum. We’ve rounded up the best protein cereal options available in the UK to help you get more out of the most important meal of the day…

What is the best protein cereal brand?

In terms of protein per serving, Surreal packs the biggest protein punch of any of the bands on test. It’s available in five flavours – cocoa, cinnamon, frosted, banana and peanut butter – as well as a variety pack of all four. There’s 42g of protein per 100g, or 12-13g per serving, but it’s what’s not in there that’s just as important. Just 6-8g of carbs per bowl, and not a bit of added sugar

Other protein cereal brand recommendations

Best for nutritionIt’s not just about the 12.5g soy and sunflower protein found in the ELEAT Chocolate Triumph. We also appreciated the fact that each serving is high in fibre (7g) and probiotics (3g).
Best granola optionMyprotein Protein Granola has a decent dose of protein and fibre, though it is quite carb heavy. Often discounted online, even at the retail price it’s good value for money.

Surreal: Best Protein Cereal

1. Surreal

Men’s Fitness verdict

With the highest protein content and a great taste and satisfying crunch, what’s not to like about Surreal’s cereal? Flavours are pleasant and not too sweet either.
  • Highest protein content on test
  • Good range of flavours
  • Not too sweet
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Soy and pea flavour can creep through
Protein per 100g:42g
Sizes:4 x 240g boxes
Flavours: Cocoa, frosted, banana, cinnamon, peanut butter

Surreal’s bright packaging catches the eye, and what’s inside the box is every bit as appealing. Its creators sell it as ‘the cereal you loved growing up, made nutritionally relevant to the adult you’ve become.’

And based on its nutritional merits, it lives up to the billing. With 42g of protein in every 100g, Surreal has the highest protein content of all the cereals we tried, and the O-shaped pieces have a nice crunch and flavour to them. The best of the protein cereals we tried. Plus, it’s entirely plant-based, making it ideal for anyone wanting to try something a little different to vegan protein powders.

Best protein cereal brands UK: ELEAT chocolate cereal in bowl, with packaging in background

2. ELEAT Chocolate Triumph

Men’s Fitness verdict

Soy protein-based ELEAT is another good protein option for those on a plant-based diet, though it does influence the taste. Great range of flavours do their best to mask the soy though.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Good range of flavours
  • Disinct soy flavour might not be to everyone’s liking
  • At £1.30 per serving it’s not the cheapest
Protein per 100g28g
Sizes:4 x 250g pouches / 50g single-serve pouches
Flavours:Chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, choc caramel

If you enjoy your post-workout protein shake, and you like a bowl of cereal, then vegan-friendly ELEAT is going to be right up your street. It tastes exactly as you might imagine cereal infused with protein would – with a good amount of crunch preceding a distinct soy aftertaste. That’s obviously good news if you’re a fan of both, but if you’d like the protein content of your cereals to be a happy coincidence, you might struggle with the flavour being so front and centre.

That said, taste is subjective, and hopefully one of ELEAT’s four flavours (chocolate triumph, cinnamon sensation, vanilla thriller and chocolate caramel) will whet your appetite.

What can’t be disputed is the nutritional profile. Each serving contains a hearty 12.5g dose of soy and sunflower protein, 7g of fibre and even 3g of gut-friendly probiotics. And continuing the eco-conscious credentials, the cereals are available in two fully recyclable packages: 250g resealable pouches and 50g single-serve packs. Plus, just like some of our favourite vegan protein bars, the ingredients list is entirely plant-based.


A tub of Myprotein granola

3. Myprotein Protein Granola

Men’s Fitness verdict

With a decent dose of protein and fibre, Myprotein’s granola offers a great start to your day. It has more carbs than most though.
  • Impressive protein content
  • Good source of fibre
  • At 19g, quite carb-heavy
  • Sweet for a breakfast cereal
Protein per 100g:37g
Sizes:750g tub
Flavours:Chocolate caramel

Cereal purists may argue granola shouldn’t make the list, but we’re happy to face their wrath if it means featuring this impressive protein-packed option.

Myprotein’s chocolate caramel flavour granola is perhaps a little too sweet for breakfast – but with 37g protein per 100g we think we can forgive them.

Weetabix Protein: Best Protein Cereal

4. Weetabix Protein

Men’s Fitness verdict

Why go for regular Weetabix, when these loaded versions have twice as much protein? There’s plenty of wholegrain wheat goodness and not much else besides.
  • Made from wholegrain wheat
  • Very little fat or sugar
  • No real flavour on their own
  • 7.6g protein is not the biggest per serving
Protein per 100g:19g
Sizes:24 biscuits

A perfect example of a household brand’s successful attempt to create a more balanced breakfast option, these loaded Weetabix provide 19g of protein per 100g. Made primarily from wholegrain wheat, a two-biscuit serving contains 146kcal and 1g sugar.

Like regular Weetabix, their taste all depends on what you decide to put on top – we threw on sliced banana and a drizzle of honey. A great option when it comes to the best high protein cereals.

5. Grandma Crunch

Men’s Fitness verdict

Grandma Crunch is an ideal vegan option, using pea rather than whey protein. That does influence the flavour, but these crunchy balls have a decent protein dose and are low in carbs and sugar.
  • High protein / low carb content
  • Good range of flavours
  • Just 0.5g sugar per serving
  • Good plant-based option
  • Pea protein is an acquired taste
  • Protein content varies between flavours
Protein per 100g:29.3g – 31.3g
Sizes:4 x 248g
Flavours:Peanut, tutti fruiti, coconut, strawberry, cocoa, caramel

High-protein, low-carb and plant-based, Grandma Crunch tastes OK and the namesake crunch is evident, but the numbers are the really impressive factors.

Per 31g serving there’s between 9.7g and 11.3g protein, around 150kcals and a mere 0.5g sugar. Plus there are six flavours to choose from – including tutti frutti, coconut and caramel.