Corength Soft Bag Kettlebell review: If you’re new to this type of training or are precious about your wooden floors, these softer kettlebells just might be your bag…

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Corength Soft Bag Kettlebell


£24.99 (not currently available in the US), 


  • Soft so doesn’t damage floors
  • Four handles for added versatility on 10kg bag


  • The weight can be unstable during some drills
  • Only two weights in the range

Grip: 3/5
Comfort: 3/5
Weight range: 2/5

If you find swinging massive hunks of iron around your head and body a little daunting, or you’re just worried about cast iron doing damage to your lovely wood floors, this Decathlon soft bag kettlebell could be a friendlier solution.  

Corength Soft Bag Kettlebell features

The sand-filled bag comes in two sizes: 5kg and 10kg. The 10kg bag has four handles: one on the top, one on the bottom and one on each side. The 5kg has just two: top and bottom. Having multiple handles is great for changing your holds, adding versatility and variety to the range of movements you can do. However, despite being slightly padded, the handles can roll up and create uncomfortable pressure, particularly if you’re doing lots of reps. 

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The polyester bag is soft and durable, so you can sling it about and drop it from heights without worrying too much about potential damage to yourself or your floor. It can also double as a medicine ball and it’s useful for exercises like Russian twists, hip thrusts and even slams. However, when it comes to some drills like regular kettlebell swings, the weight inside the bag can sometimes shift. So it’s not the most stable option. 

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There’s also a velcro-sealed compartment on top of the bag. It’s not entirely clear what that’s for but if you wanted to increase the weight, you could add your own bags of sand here. It’s a shame you can’t access the main sand compartment to reduce it as well.

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If you need help putting together a workout, there’s a QR code on the side of each soft bag that unlocks the Decathlon Coach app where you can access video workouts and drill demos. However, there’s no specific kettlebell workout section and it’s not the most intuitive to use. 

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