The Dare2B Weighted Skipping Rope is ideal for muscle toning, with removable 200g weights that slot into the handles…

Dare2B Weighted Rope


£15 /


  • You can use them weighted or unweighted
  • Rope protector allows outdoor use


  • Weights can’t be used with shorter rope
  • Metal spring could be painful

Grip: 4/5
Rotation: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

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The heaviest rope we’ve tested, and a great option for muscle toning, the Dare2B weighted rope comes with two 200g removable weights, which slot into the handles.

To insert or remove them, unscrew the handles and place the weight inside with the accompanying springs, which stop the weights from rattling around.

The 3m rope is easy to adjust: by unscrewing the handle top and sliding the rope adjuster to the desired spot. Much like the UMI skipping rope, however, shortening the rope significantly will mean there is too much rope crammed inside the handle to allow room for the metal weight. For shorter users that defeats the point of having a weighted rope.

However, the rope itself turns well and is seamlessly smooth. A metal spring is tightly bound to the middle of the rope, which we assume protects it and allows it to be used on all floor types and outdoors.

When skipping for a while we forgot about the metal spring, but it definitely feels more comfortable using it outside. Double-unders are fine with this rope, although we did slide the metal spring off for fear of spring-whipping our calves.

The handles on the Dare2B weighted skipping rope are comfortable and spongy and didn’t get sweaty during our workout. We found them easy to hold onto, whether using the weights or during unweighted cardio workouts.

Best skipping ropes for CrossFit and cardio – Dare2B Weighted Rope

Dare2B’s weighted skipping rope is best suited to outdoor workouts