The DMoose Kettlebells 9-70lb set offers something for every level of kettlebell user. They’re solidly built and feel great in the hands, writes strength training expert Roger Lockridge.

The best kettlebells have become very popular workout tools because of how versatile they are. They can be used for total-body movements as well as isolation exercises. Kettlebell workouts can help you burn calories and train multiple muscle groups in a short period of time, and you can use heavier weights to help increase power and strength that transfers to other exercises.

The DMoose Kettlebells come in ten different sizes, ranging from 9lbs up to its heaviest version at 70lbs, and the prices range from $26 to $200. They all have their own color to identify the weight, and are covered with a powder-coat finish to help support your grip. The shape of the handle and horns of the bell allow the user to grip it in whichever way they prefer for the chosen exercise.

Men’s Fitness verdict

Ranging from 9lbs to 70lb, these feature durable cast iron construction, wide handles, and a gravity-cast design. Easy to clean, they suit beginners to advanced athletes. A very solid choice.
  • Rust-free and easy to keep clean
  • Can be used by beginners and advanced trainees alike
  • Gravity-cast design for better weight distribution
  • Numbers are not colored
  • No storage shelves or rack included

How we test the best kettlebells

For Roger’s testing, he received the entire range of DMoose kettlebells. He tested them in his home gym, putting them through their paces with everything from swings to squats. Roger took particular note of the grip comfort and how they felt for full-body workouts.

Roger Lockridge takes the heaviest 70lb DMoose Kettlebell for a spin

Design and build quality of the DMoose Kettlebells

This was the first full set of kettlebells I’ve owned, but I’ve used a variety of them over my two decades of training. DMoose sent me each of the ten kettlebells they have available. It took two days for them to arrive once they were shipped. Each kettlebell came in their own box with extra wrapping and styrofoam to provide protection during shipping. The box was labeled to show what weight came in in the box. I was able to simply pull them right out of the box.

These iron kettlebells are solid pieces made of a gravity cast with a powder coat finish, and they have the numbers engraved on the sides in both pounds and kilograms. The DMoose logo is on the other side. They all come in the same color, but have their own color stripe on each horn (side of the handle) to help identify the weights.

They are durable weights as well. You wouldn’t need to be concerned if they were to slip out of your hand. The weights and logos are the same color as the kettlebell itself, but it is engraved. The numbers can be seen, but there is also a color stripe on the horns to help identify each weight if needed.

Features of the DMoose Kettlebells

A novice trainee may think that if they have seen one kettlebell, then they have seen them all. However, kettlebells are like weight plates or dumbbells. They each have their own features that make them stand out. Consider the training environment you have access to as well as how you plan on using them when choosing the right kind for you. That said, the DMoose Kettlebells will be suitable for many trainees.

Cast iron

These kettlebells are made of cast iron, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts. They are also easier to take care of. Maintaining the look and condition of these kettlebells will be as easy as a basic washcloth and cleaner or water, depending on what you are cleaning off of it. The powder coat will also help protect against rust.

Wide handles for easier grip

I particularly appreciated the wider handles, which will suit athletes with larger hands, and they will be more comfortable for beginners to use. The handles are also slightly thicker than other kettlebells, which should be more suitable for stronger lifters that want to focus on grip.

Superior shape

The shape of the bell (weight) allows the user to hold it by that side as well if that is preferred for a certain exercise such as goblet squats. They are gravity-cast for uniformity. So, even though each weight is a different size, they will have similar shape. This will also be beneficial if you are performing movements like swings or pullovers, because the weight will be even throughout the range of motion.

How they perform

I took the weights to my home gym and started putting each of them through the paces. These weights did not feel awkward in my hands, and I used them for a wide variety of exercises such as swings, goblet squats, pullovers on a bench, and even triceps extensions. The weights were up to the challenge. 

While they shouldn’t be slammed down for obvious reasons, I even dropped one from arms’ length to the rubber matted floor of my home gym and there was no damage to the kettlebell or the floor. You don’t have to be gentle with these weights. Cleaning them was easy as well. A simple damp cloth was all I needed to remove the chalk and sweat.

This was my first experience with these kettlebells, and this is DMoose’s first version of these weights. Even two months after I first received them, they are still in great shape and show no signs of damage after regular use. They have been a part of my warm-up routines and full-body kettlebell workouts. I expected them to be durable and easy to use, and they were.

Some users might want to have access to all ten weights, but others may just want to choose a few to provide the support they need for their workouts.

I would suggest choosing one light, one moderate, and one heavy weight based on your strength levels. That way, you can train for endurance, power, hypertrophy, or mix them up for high-intensity interval training. This sample workout can help you break these kettlebells in pretty well.

DMoose 70lb Kettlebell on gym floor
The construction is solid and the handles are nice and wide

Are DMoose Kettlebells worth buying?

This is terrific set of weights to use for any kind of training. High-quality kettlebells can be easy for the beginner to use and durable enough to last until that same trainee becomes an advanced athlete. Buying a set like this can help you perform drop sets or supersets with different exercises quickly.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to use them or need to take your training sessions to the next level, these weights will work. This set from DMoose is as high-quality as you can find. 

Put them to the test with this kettlebell workout

  • Swing with low weight x 20 reps
    No rest
  • Swing with moderate weight x 10 reps
    No rest
  • Swing with heavy weight x 5 reps
    30 secs rest
  • Swing with heavy weight x 5 reps
    No rest
  • Swing with moderate weight x 10 reps
    No rest
  • Swing with low weight x 20 reps

Beginners can perform this for one round, while more intermediate and advanced can go for two or even three rounds for best time.

Weight range9lb to 70lb / 4kg to 32kg
Number of weights10
FeaturesGravity-cast build; Color-coded weights; Rust-free; Wide handles

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