Pro-level design features for a mid-range price makes Endura’s performance bibshorts hard to beat.

Endura Pro SL EGM Bibshort


$229.99 / £149.99, 


  • Comfortable chamois
  • Highly breathable
  • Excellent value


  • A little snug
  • No in-built storage

Comfort: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Style: 5/5

I swear my average speed went up as soon as I headed out in Endura’s latest performance bibshorts. I don’t know whether that’s thanks to the supremely comfortable chamois insert or the maximum breathability. Either way I definitely felt inspired to attack the climbs and put the hammer down on the flat. Check out how it fares against the rest of the best cycling shorts.

Endura Pro SL EGM Bibshort features

I can tell Endura has been listening to the riders helping it to develop its pro-level bibshort. A big part of cycling is mentally silencing those internal voices that are winning about how tired or uncomfortable you are. But riding in the Endura Pro SL EGM Bibshort almost does that for me.

The chamois insert seems to be a feat of engineering – it’s the 800 Series Conform EGM Pad (updated from the 700 Series) and it features medical-grade silicon inserts to relieve pressure points, from the sit bones through to the front of the pad. I definitely felt the benefit of not having any pressure on my undercarriage.

Also new for this version is the breathable, wicking ‘rear yoke panel’, which is where bibshorts usually become a sweaty mess against your lower back. I would put money on that being a pro rider request, along with the elastic straps being widened for comfort.

Endura Pro SL EGM Bibshort performance

The lower section of the shorts felt sleek to wear and stayed in place, thanks to the silicone gripper, despite the ‘raw’ cut to the bottom edge. There’s a lot of tech packed into these bibshorts, which left me feeling that the mid-range pricing is a bargain.

I’m generally a fan of how Endura kit performs in the saddle, and these bibshorts didn’t disappoint. They do have a pro-cut, which can end up feeling a little snug if you’ve been enjoying summer BBQs. But the comfort and long-distance friendly benefits easily outweigh this. And with the low-profile logos and deep teal colourway, they didn’t feel like they were slacking in the style department either.

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