The Eono fabric resistance bands are comfortable to use and are great for passively adding some extra resistance to squats and glute bridges…

Best for thigh training

Eono Fabric Resistance Bands


£14.99 / (not available in the US)

Versatility: 3.5/5
Band quality: 4.5/5
Resistance range: 3/5


  • Super-comfortable to use
  • Excellent for thighs and bum


  • Limited uses
  • Fabric is less hygienic

Also known as booty bands, short fabric resistance bands are great for locking into glutes, abductors and hip flexors. While their use is more limited than traditional larger silicone or latex bands, these are still some of the best resistance bands – their fabric material is comfortable to use, even on hairy thighs. They’re excellent for passively adding some extra resistance to squats and glute bridges too.

The Eono fabric resistance bands, in particular, serve up versatility with three strengths, and they also offer decent value, working out at roughly £5 each.

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Made of durable polyester fabric and non-slip latex, these would be our choice to use on thighs versus non-fabric alternatives. On top of being really soft and comfortable, they’re also more taught than traditional bands – a standard characteristic of fabric alternatives. This extra tension is great for working out your mighty glutes.

Get to grips

Each band is a 15-inch loop, with the light band coloured pink, the medium cyan, and the heavy blue. Eono has even sewn internal grip strips inside the workout bands to keep them steady and prevent any slipping or rolling during workouts – and they do the job.

You’ll find a velour carry pouch in the box, a nice touch which keeps them together and clean. On the subject of cleanliness, made of a combination of latex and cotton, the main issue we have with fabric bands is that they’re harder to clean than 100 per cent latex bands.

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You’ll want to hand wash them and let them dry naturally, and after prolonged use, fabric bands can slacken and lose their stretch.

Caveats accounted for, though, we’re big fans of the Eono fabric resistance bands. They were particularly useful for us as we rehabilitated after a groin injury, helping us target our hip and surrounding muscles without overdoing it.

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