This quick-drying, compression-like socks from Falke get the fit and feel just right and are a good choice for long-distance efforts…

Falke Stabilizing Cool Socks

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  • Incredibly soft with balanced cushioning
  • Fast drying


  • Compression is quite mild
  • Can’t tumble dry

Comfort: 5/5
Breathability: 4/5
Durability: 4/5

They might not be as important as picking the best running shorts or shoes, but choosing the right socks for running can make a real difference. Here’s a fact you might not know. It was Falke who first put the L and R on socks. Now you see it everywhere. It’s not just there to help you remember which foot is which; it signifies an anatomical design, with left and right socks shaped to fit each foot better. That’s very much what you get here in the Falke Stabilizing Cool socks, with a pronounced toe sweep.  

Falke Stabilizing Cool Socks performance

The medium thickness, mid-cut socks are incredibly soft. In fact they’re some of the silkiest socks I’ve run in. The beefed-up padding under the foot makes for cushioned landings, with a thinner material across the top making them a good fit for a wide range of running shoes. The mix of five different fabrics is also stretchy so there’s plenty of flex and wiggle room for your toes.

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Up top, nice wide cuffs hold the legs securely in place. I tested a regular size and they fitted quite snugly. But they don’t roll down or cut in even when you’re in them for a marathon 3-4 hour run time. The toes are seamless, so there are no troublesome friction spots there. 

Product shot of Falke running socks

Like the CEP Reflect Socks, these also feature tighter compression zones in a bid to increase stability and reduce the risk of injury. Falke says this might even help to prevent twisted ankles, though in my test miles I found that’s hard to discern – even when I ventured off road. But they do bring a certain sense of security. 

Beyond that, the three-layer design shifts moisture really well. If you suffer from sweaty feet like I do, you’ll find they’re good at keeping your feet dry. It’s a niche use but if you’re running an ultra and having to swap socks, that’s a handy benefit.   

The Falke Stabilizing Cool socks come in four different sizes and seven different colours. The Lightning colour, pictured above, was my top pick as it has additional visibility benefits. 

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