There aren’t many lagers with health benefits – even alcohol-free ones – but then there aren’t many made of mushrooms either.

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Fungtn Shiitake Dark Lager


£33.60 (for pack of 12) / not available in the US,


  • Infused with ‘adaptogenic shiitake mushroom extract’, known for providing a wealth of health benefits
  • Low in calories and vegan


  • Difficult to get past the unusual taste

Taste: 2.5/5
Low-kcals: 5/5

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This is an unusual concept for a beer, and the taste is equally curious, but let’s start with the positives. Namely, the ingredients. ‘Adaptogenic mushrooms’ are loosely classified as any mushroom that helps the body adapt to stress. Commonly used in a number of traditional medicines, adaptogenic mushrooms have been shown to provide numerous health benefits, from improved brain function to heart health and anxiety relief.

All of which is relevant, because each 330ml can of Fungtn Shiitake Dark Lager contains 500mg of shiitake mushroom extract. That makes Fungtn ‘the only alcohol-free craft beer brewed with mushrooms’, and undoubtedly a healthier choice than most other alcohol-free beers on the market.

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However, those health benefits are only accessible if you can get beyond the taste…

Search for other online reviews of Fungtn’s Shiitake Dark Lager, and you’ll likely stumble across the phrase ‘weird mushroom beer’. Which just about sums it up.

Of course, taste is subjective, and just because we’re not big fans on the flavour front, doesn’t mean you won’t love it. But if you’re looking for an alcohol-free beer that tastes like, well, beer, this isn’t it.

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