Karma Fitness’s larger option gives you plenty of floor coverage as well as plush protection.

One of the best exercise mats we’ve reviewed, here’s how the Karma Fitness Extra Wide Workout Mat performed on test.

Men’s Fitness verdict

There’s plenty of space on this mat for all kinds of prone yoga poses, stretches or floor exercises. Its waterproof TPE construction means it’s a good choice for outdoors use too.
  • Plenty of mat real estate
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not the smallest to store or carry

How we tested the best exercise mats

Our testers put these exercise mats through their paces in a range of workouts, from HIIT sessions to yoga, to bring you the best of the best. In particular, testers were looking to see how grippy the mats were, how comfortable they were to exercise on and how easy they were to transport on the go. Bonus points were also awarded for durability, design options and value for money.

Materials:Dual-layer waterproof TPE
Dimensions:72 x 31.5in / 183 x 80cm
Features:0.4in / 10mm thick, carry strap
Colours:Yellow, red, blue, grey, dark grey, black

Karma Fitness Extra Wide Workout Mat: features

We’re big fans of exercise mats you don’t have to be a contortionist to fit onto, and Karma Fitness’s large mat lets you stretch out in comfort. At 31.5in / 80cm it’s wider than most, and has a good 7.5in / 19cm on its slimmer sibling (£59). That’s plenty of space for all kinds of prone yoga poses.

However, that’d mean nothing if the foam was thin or flimsy. Thankfully it’s one of the plushest on test at 0.4in / 10mm, with a dual layer of waterproof TPE not only providing plenty of cushioning but also allowing you to use it inside or out. I found there was more than enough cushioning when doing my daily mobility stretches to protect bony joints like elbows, hips and knees. 

Using the Karma Fitness Extra Wide Mat

The mat loses any sign of a curl after 24 hours and has enough weight to stay flat and stay put, even doing dynamic drills. Thanks to a crosshatch pattern to the rubberised surface underneath it won’t budge, even on the slippiest of surfaces. If you want to keep your mat in tip-top condition there’s an additional mat cleaner you can buy for £10, which buffs out any marks and gives it a pleasant coconut scent.  

Because of its greater width it doesn’t roll up quite small enough to tuck under a bed. However, it does come with a useful strap to keep it tightly bound. If choosing between this and the smaller version, the extra wide option is a no-brainer. An extra £10 will buy you an additional 72 x 7.5in / 183 x 19cm of plush protection.

Granted, it’s not the cheapest mat on the market but it’s one of the comfiest and sturdiest and is currently on sale at £49. It’s already become one of my best pieces of home gym equipment. If you’re looking for a substantial mat to set up and forget, you won’t be disappointed with the Karma Fitness Extra Wide.

Though it comes wrapped in a fair bit of plastic, it’s all recyclable – as is the cleaning bottle. There are six colours to chose from too.

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